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Suicide Squad #17 Review

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Suicide Squad #17 Review

Zod has been an incredible villain ever since Rob Williams brought him into this series a few issues ago. Not only is he huge, but he’s incredibly out of his mind. The guy is mad as a hatter and it’s fun to see him finally join the team this issue. Only problem is, the dude doesn’t really take orders well. That’s not good for Waller.

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Suicide Squad #17 Review
Suicide Squad #17
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Publisher: DC Comics

So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

“EARTHLINGS ON FIRE” part two! Driven to extreme measures by the globe-spanning conspiracy known only as the People, Amanda Waller has done the unthinkable: made General Zod a full-fledged member of Task Force X! His first mission? Destroy the Annihilation Brigade, the People’s own, much deadlier version of the Suicide Squad!

Why does this book matter?

Given the intense conclusion of Action Comics #979, Zod is going to be playing a huge part in the Superman crossover event this summer. This issue may just kick things off when it comes to Zod’s purpose in that. Add in the fact this issue brings back the Russian Suicide Squad Jim Lee so masterfully drew in issue #2 and this issue also has some fun callbacks.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Suicide Squad #17 Review
Zod is a maniac!.

Given how insane some of the members of this team are it’s a given that following orders isn’t a forte of this team. Enter Zod, a maniac who cares not for teamwork and Rob Williams adds a powerful wild card to the team. It’s fun to see how the team reacts to Zod’s actions and it’s a nice way of showing how the team has fallen in line and trusts one an other. Williams gives the members plenty of charisma via their dialogue including Deadshot’s repeated “We’re going to die” lines. The team has come a long way since issue #1 and it’s nice to see Williams keep the characters honest.

While the action takes place, major developments occur involving Waller that should not be missed. If you’ve been following the Harcourt storyline and her attempts to undermine Waller you’re in for a doozy of an issue. This is a game changer type story that shouldn’t be missed.

Tony S. Daniel draws the heck out of this issue, keeping the action clear and in high detail. I love how insane he’s made Zod who seems to be so out there there’s no communicating with him. The scenes involving Harcourt have a nice straight edge to the panels which helps convey the “battle of the brains” sequences. There’s also some great use of closeup panels to convey the violence and micro emotions of Waller and other characters too.

Suicide Squad #17 Review
Dude chill!

It can’t be perfect can it?

It has gotten to the point where Waller’s ability to plan for every contingency is ridiculous. You can’t ever believe someone has the drop on her, which effectively makes scenes where characters think they’re going to win pointless. Go on, try, but Waller has got you in a corner no matter what you do! Because of this the Harcourt scenes feel like they’re just buying some time until we get to the eventual reveal.

Is It Good?

This is a fun issue with plenty of action and Waller plotting for fans to enjoy. Zod steals the show as the mad villain who can’t be stopped and it’s telling that writer Rob Williams has done a good job when the team feels cohesive and true to themselves with a new member added to the team.

Suicide Squad #17 Review
Suicide Squad #17
Is It Good?
A fun issue with Zod added to the team and a major turn of events for Harcourt make this a must read for readers of this arc.
Zod's addition makes for a fun way of showing how the team isn't so comfortable with a madman on their hands
Sharp and detailed art with great panels showing micro emotions here and there
The Harcourt storyline is advanced quite a bit!
Whenever someone thinks they have the drop on Waller there's no point in even believing it!

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