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Suicide Squad #2 Review

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Suicide Squad #2 Review

Last issue the characters were on the verge of death and hadn’t even reached the location of their mission, but that’s the whole point of sending in bad guys–they’re expendable. This issue picks up where we start; did anyone die, and is it good?

Suicide Squad #2 (DC Comics)

Suicide Squad #2 Review

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So what’s it about? The DC summary reads:

“THE BLACK VAULT” part 2! What was meant to be a routine mission to retrieve a “cosmic item” from an undersea fortress has become a nightmare beyond anything the Suicide Squad ever expected. And with half the team down, it’s up to Harley Quinn, Katana, and a demon-possessed graphic designer named June Moore to save the Squad from the most dangerous man in the DC Universe. That’s right…they’re screwed.

Why does this book matter?

Jim Lee is drawing this issue which will satisfy most folks in why it matters (the guy doesn’t just draw any old book, people!). Based on the last issue and the Rebirth issue, writer Rob Williams has proven he has some cool ideas, which will make this book more than the sum of its members.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Suicide Squad #2 Review
What an alien thing to say.

This issue improves on the first, setting up a new threat to Waller, actually gets our heroes into the action, and brings in lots of fun character interactions. On top of all that, Williams has inserted a few running jokes, one of which involves Boomerang (who also gets the focus in the backup). The character banter is on point, which helps convey the severity of the situation as they aren’t brash and confident but definitely scared for their lives. They hate the position they’re in, but make the best of it, which makes sense since they’re constantly being forced to do things against their will. Plus Harley is as nuts as ever as she talks about Neoliberalism and kills the bad guys.

There are also some neat ideas within too, like a teleportation transport you won’t see coming. There’s also a cliffhanger that’ll make you go, “How the hell are they getting out of this one?”

Jim Lee does a great job with this issue, delivering one hell of a 2D fight sequence down a hallway ala Oldboy. The layouts in general are good, and the detail is high enough that you’ll be having 90s hot flashes while you read it. Plus he gets to draw Croc puking again! He also does a bang up job drawing the characters swimming, which is a tricky thing to pull off.

The backup, drawn by Ivan Reis, focuses on Boomerang which is a smart choice given a certain event near the end of the main book’s story. This backup involves Boomerang explaining how he came to be so good at boomerangs as he tells Waller his past. The story involves heartbreak wrapped in a story that’s hard to believe, yet it’s fun as hell as it reveals an espionage lifestyle Boomerang may have lived. It wraps up well as Waller drives a bit of truth into Boomerang’s heart and the reader is left wondering what is true.

Suicide Squad #2 Review
You cold bro?

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is a damn good issue that gives most of the team something to do. It’s a bit odd that Deadshot doesn’t serve much purpose in the issue, but it’s tricky to give every character something to do, plus he was more of the focus last issue anyway.

This isn’t even a big deal, but the characters were in freezing water and close to death…then fine and warm and good (and dry!). Their freezing to death was used to ramp up the excitement, but then was abandoned as if getting out of the water solved an issue that should have made them all freezing and near death!

Is It Good?

This is a wild ride you should not miss. DC is putting out a fun, action packed, and compelling Suicide Squad book that movie fans should love.

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