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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Legends 6″ Cosmic Spider-Man Figure

To say I was giddy when I found out Hasbro was making a Cosmic Spider-Man action figure is an understatement. It’s a crown jewel action figure fans have wanted for ages as it was a time in Spider-Man’s history that was incredible, fun, and very different. It’s also a rather awesome costume and whoever decided to have just the Spider-Man mask peek out and nothing else was a genius.

Overall this figure is all about the paint job, which is excellent. Check out our full review and unboxing below to see more:

Marvel Legends 6″ Cosmic Spider-Man Figure
Publisher: Hasbro

The action figure is up for preorder now and will be found in stores soon, but we were lucky enough to snag a copy off Amazon. Part of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 line from Marvel Legends, this is one of 7 action figures in the set, each coming with a build a figure piece that builds Vulture’s wings.

The action figure appears to be based on the UK Spider-Man Marvel Legends action figure which came out last year. It’s a more muscular and thick looking Spider-Man, which is just fine because he can fly after all so why pose him in crazy Spider-Man poses?

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The paint job makes this toy. The blue is shiny, the cosmic bubbles perfect, and the overall look great.
The paint job is excellent
The three heads make this a multi-functional toy
The body type was a perfect choice. Spidey is thicker with the muscle, which suits his Cosmic look
Light on extras with just the two heads
A paint defect or two is possible
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