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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Legends The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Infinite Series Homecoming Spiderman 2 Action Figure

We’re nearly a month away from the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie and given the previews it’s going to be good. With a better Spider-Man movie on the way, what better time to rejoice in the toys that come with it, including this new look for Spidey.

Marvel Legends The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Infinite Series Movie Spider-Man 2 Action Figure
Publisher: Hasbro

Being a big Spider-Man action figure collector I had to have this because it’s a new look for the character. That said, it stands as a solid action figure to own too. Who’s to say why he’s in this Ben Reilly like look, but the figure itself is pretty great. There’s nice sweater detailing, a good head sculpt, and a slimmer and smaller look that suits the younger version of the character. The colors used also give him as lightly different look as if the costume was fashioned from clothing.

Once we know why he’s wearing this costume (or when he’s wearing it in the movie) I’m sure this toy will become even more popular.

While there’s a grade and pros/cons at the bottom, don’t forget to watch our full review/unboxing below!

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Overall a solid toy though a few paint splatters here and there. The head sculpt is great and the overall look is unique from Spidey's usual look to make this a must buy for collectors.
Cool head mold and extra hood give Spidey a very unique look
Nice detail in the sweater making it look like Peter threw the suit together
Good bendability much like most Marvel Legends toys
Doesn't have a ton of extras with just the hands, hood and BAF piece
A paint splatter or two makes it a tad imperfect
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