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Rick and Morty #27 Review

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Rick and Morty #27 Review

We’ve waited so long for any announcement that the new season of Rick and Morty (besides the first episode) would be on the way I’m starting to forget if it’s ever coming back. That forgetfulness is aided by how good the comic series Oni Press is publishing and there’s a new chapter out this week. When was the last time you said there would be a new chapter coming from Rick and Morty? Yeah that’s right, you can’t remember!

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Rick and Morty #27 Review
Rick and Morty #27
Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: CJ Cannon (Backup by Marc Ellerby)
Publisher: Oni Press

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

When Morty ends up with two dates to the prom, there’s only one solution: ethically ambiguous cloning!

Why does this book matter?

Kyle Starks has kept this series feeling fresh and as close to the show as most could hope for. Oh, and it’s funny. CJ Cannon has drawn the series very close to how the show looks too. Plus, our interviews with Kyle and CJ Cannon confirm they are the coolest of cats.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Rick and Morty #27 Review
Morty can’t do anything right when it comes to girls.

This issue may contain tropes familiar to this series, but hell it’s still a lot of fun. That includes Morty having the worst luck with girls, Rick making terrible mistakes and having to fix them, and Morty’s self love habits becoming painfully obvious to everyone. All in a day of Rick and Morty right? Overall it’s a fun issue as it combines a lot of elements and lays down chuckle worthy moments throughout.

This issue’s biggest highlight is a Justin Bieber look alike (or is he a clone of the real thing?) that Rick conjures up so Summer will have a date to the prom. This abomination speaks like Bieber (thought Rick forbids anyone from calling him Justin Bieber for legal reasons) and is as fly as the coolest guy you could imagine. Well, until Rick realizes the huge mistake he’s committed. This adds to the already complicated Morty issue of going to the prom but needing to go as two people so as to not disappoint the two girls he said he’d go with. By the end Starks has all these stories come together nicely–with some nice self awareness humor in there too–and even a epilogue of sorts as Rick attempts to fix the mistake he made in the issue.

CJ Cannon draws the heck out of the issue and the comedic timing is on point. Summer’s total fawning for Bieber comes off very well and you’ll feel for her when things go awry. Once again, Cannon does wonders when gore is required.

Marc Ellerby draws the backup (no telling who wrote it…Starks?) and there’s a fantastic Lovecraftian monster that pops up. His style works well with these characters as it’s a tad more cartoony and almost kid friendly looking which makes the adult humor work well. Plus, Jerry ends up looking like a fool and Morty looks like a badass. That’s a win-win to me.

Rick and Morty #27 Review
Poor Beth.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Since this issue treads over some things we’ve seen with the series and show (a battle takes place at Morty’s school; Morty screws up with girls; Rick creates a bigger issue only to fix it with violence) I wasn’t completely bowled over with the plotting. Starks has clearly shown he has a knack for creating new characters and situations for these characters so it’s more a surprise than a negative since he’s set the bar so high.

Is It Good?

This is a fun issue that once again solves your Rick and Morty needs via the comic book format. Get it to laugh, cry (for Summer and Morty) and scream (when Justin Bieber gets what he deserves!).

Rick and Morty #27 Review
Rick and Morty #27
Is it good?
A good issue that brings some laughs and comes together nicely by the end. The backup should be read by Lovecraft fans!
Solid storytelling with everything coming together by the end
The Bieber running joke works
Looks great and very close to the show
A lot of the same old tropes are used in this one

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