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Unboxing: Loot Crate June 2017

Our first Loot Crate was full of some awesome goodies.

Ever since Chris Hassan and I cracked open the Geek Fuel box, I had to get in on more of this surprise package industry. What better place to dive in than Loot Crate, which was established in 2012 and is probably the most well known and longest running subscription box service.

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At first I wasn’t sure what to expect since the box is about as big as a shoe box. Once opened however, every item was high quality and related to the theme I picked, Marvel Comics. Check out my box below to see what I got!

Here’s the Transformer cut-out assembled along with the other items:

Is it good?
For 20 bucks this is a pretty good haul made well worth it due to this Spider-Man. If every box came with a toy like this I'd be a subscriber for life!
The Spider-Man statue/toy is just awesome, with great detail, and a unique black and white look
The Hulk bowl is fun. A young kid would LOVE this.
Optimus Prime shirt is quite nice and would retail in a store for 20 bucks easy
The DC New 52 poster book feels like the type of content they had boxes of and needed to offload
I'm not much of a pin guy

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