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SDCC 2017: Our first impressions of Preview Night Wednesday

SDCC preview night is a whirlwind of 3 hours that passes by quick as you try to take it all in. Here are our thoughts and pictures from the night.

San Diego Comic Con 2017 kicked off last night with a bang. Though it’s the least crowded of days to attend the convention it was still packed! I walked nearly the whole convention floor to get a lay of the land, say “hi” to publicity folks, and snap pictures and boy, can it be overwhelming. The vibe is very different from a normal convention day. As you walk along you’ll notice lines that spill into main walkways, people carrying four or five bags that are waist high, and people rushing to get to the next exclusive purchase.

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The biggest surprise was the lack of cosplay. It’s possible preview night is all about getting as many exclusives and swag as possible and leaving the cosplay at home for the other days because in my three-hour-walk around the halls I only noticed 6 cosplayers, whereas at most cons you’ll see 6 every 10 feet!

If you’ve been to a local convention and want to attend SDCC it’s worth noting it’s not vastly different. While the TV and movie presence is huge (some of these booths are basically rooms or two story buildings built on the convention floor) you’ll still find an artist alley, easy to talk to writers, and a huge section of vendors to purchase your wares.

Truly though, the best part of preview night is being able to snap some photos of some of the best toys and displays you’ll see all year without the crush of the usual crowds. Check out what we saw in the gallery below with highlights that include sick WWE toys, Neca action figures, Thor Ragnorak goodies, Nickelodeon displays, and more!


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