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Suicide Squad #22 Review

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Suicide Squad #22 Review

One of the most intense issues of the series so far.

Suicide Squad #22 picks up directly where the last issue left off: The Suicide Squad failed to defuse the mother of all bombs, Killer Croc has a bullet in his head, Captain Boomerang fled for his life and Harley Quinn seems to have lost her laugh. Thankfully, the suspenseful and satisfying ending of last issue is followed up by one that delivers the goods by not disappointing or losing momentum.

Comic book characters rarely die, and if they do it’s not for long. Reading the last issue was actually scary, though, because I thought we would lose a couple great characters. This issue did not kill off the Suicide Squad but the writing was so well done that it made you believe that it was all over. The choices that were made were superb and caught me completely off guard. This new Harley Quinn is actually somewhat likable. It’s hard to accept change from such an iconic character with a specific personality but it actually works and I hope she sticks around like this for a while.

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Suicide Squad #22 Review

Deadshot has some amazing scenes in this issue and there are times where you’re not sure if you should laugh or be terrified for the character. He and Enchantress have some moments that were highly entertaining and always brought a smile to my face anytime they were seen together. Deadshot in this issue mentions that he doesn’t want to die because he actually has something to live for now and I really enjoyed that line because Deadshot is the one member who’s known for having a death wish more than any other, and looks forward to the day he dies. This is a nice character change that will only complement his story in future arcs.

Amanda Waller has some intense moments in a car with a family she was picked up by. Any time her story was shown it felt like a late night campfire story where you didn’t know what was going to happen and it kept you on the edge of your seat. Her involvement with the “people” is only getting more interesting and I cant wait to see which direction this story is going in. It seems like every panel with them is more and more suspenseful. This was definitely one of the best moments of the issue.

Suicide Squad #22 Review

The writing and art were so much fun it was hard to put this issue down. The story just commands your attention every time a character opens their mouth. Keeping the secret of who killed Hack for this long has been genius; instead of scrapping it and closing that door immediately, this really built the story much stronger with Captain Boomerang. The art had no flaws and was colored beautifully. Every page had the right amount of color that made the entire issue pop. The magic of Enchantress looked beautiful and there are also some more bloodier scenes that don’t look too sloppy or scribbled.

Suicide Squad #22 is one of the most intense issues of the series so far. Harley Quinn has lost her smile and is now as cold, if not more so than Amanda Waller. This is a new start for a new Harley Quinn and her Suicide Squad and it is definitely one of the most interesting stories to date.

Suicide Squad #22 Review
Suicide Squad #22
Is it good?
Suicide Squad #22 is one of the most intense issues of the series so far.
Harley Quinn has become the leader of the Suicide Squad in a big bad way and her seriousness has really made her a more likable character.
There was a lot of fun art in the book and I think the color really made the issue pop in major parts of the issue.
The family in the car felt very crucial to the story but then disappear out of nowhere. I would've enjoyed seeing them involved a little more.

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