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Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate July 2017

We unbox and review the July Loot Crate!

I was hooked the second I saw that black and white Spider-Man figure in the June Loot Crate, so color me a convert for this incredible service of surprise gifts for a cheap $20 bucks. I, however, only signed up for 3 months in part because I wasn’t sure if this would be a great value. With the July crate I may be somewhat hesitant to renew come September, but don’t take it from me, see for yourself in our Loot Crate unboxing below!

As you can see above, the Rick and Morty figure is a big highlight for me with great detail and a nice stand to keep him upright on anybody’s desk. The middle fingers might make it impossible for some to display at work, but I work from home! The TMNT shirt is definitely nice too, subtle enough to wear around and with nice detail too. On top of that, the Slurm koozies are well made and something I’ll have to use even though I’m not a koozie fan!

The downside to this box is the problem with any mystery box and that’s the fact that I’m not a Bob’s Burgers fan. That said, the recipe cards are well made and there’s plenty to try out in the kitchen. And heck, I have plenty of Bob’s Burgers friends to gift this too when I’m done!

Is it good?
A good box, though for 20 bucks I wish two of the items were from a show or comic I actually liked!
The Rick statue is very detailed and will go well on your desk
The Slurm koozie is a nice touch Futurama fans will love
The recipe book is detailed and filled with neat recipes for chefs out there...
T-shirt is nice and something I'd wear
...but I'm not a Bob's Burgers fan! Bah!
The box doesn't actually turn into anything like June's box did

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