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The Defenders #4 Review

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The Defenders #4 Review

The Defenders dropkicks you in the best of ways. Action packed fun!

Call me crazy, but after the last issue I wasn’t sure what to expect of this one and I was pleasantly surprised. Satisfying conclusion, a cliffhanger that aims to make things interesting, and heroes kicking ass? Yes please!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez are lighting it up with this series with incredible storytelling. Seriously, the story progresses incredibly visually with great dialogue and interesting plot twists in every issue.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The Defenders #4 Review
Cool use of perspective.

This issue opens with a flashback–which isn’t always the best move–revealing what the deal is with Diamondback’s drugs. The journalistic angle is used as Ben Urich is on the scene and aims to save lives. It’s nice to see the character used in a heroic sort of way again. Plus, Bendis and Marquez capture the spark of this character and he reminds readers the importance of journalism. These scenes are quite something when it comes to the visual angle, with some great use of panel work (which literally put you inside Hammerhead’s mouth!).

Much of the rest of the issue is street fighting. I know, it stinks, right? Who wants to see Jessica Jones punch Diamondback back 50 feet? Well duh, like everybody! It’s pretty fantastic and there are some surprises in there too. Jessica Jones picking herself up, complaining she’ll be picking glass out of her hair and Diamondback getting his jaw realigned is excellent comics. Marquez knocks it out of the park in these scenes, with some fantastic panels that, even when not full page, are full page caliber. This is jaw dropping action choreography that shouldn’t be missed.

The issue closes out with a bit of humor–Bendis is so good at working it into the shortest of scenes–and a cliffhanger that’s compelling. I wouldn’t say this is the end of the arc, but it certainly feels like an end of some sort. That said, the very last panel will have folks very curious where this creative team could possibly be taking the series.

The Defenders #4 Review
I love how Marquez uses depth of field.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Normally when a comic can be reduced to mostly a fight sequence it’s a quick read, but that’s not completely true here. You’ll find yourself lingering on the panels longer than most and the issue is bookended with story development. That said, a lot of pages are devoted to the mysterious drug Diamondback is selling and while it’ll probably pay off later, it does read like heavy exposition seeing as it’s a thick block of backstory to start the issue. Not a ton is revealed either, so you’ll be wanting more detail even though 10 full pages are devoted to it.

Is It Good?

This is starting to feel like the quintessential hero street fight comic. It’s action packed, gorgeous, and dripping with badassery.

The Defenders #4 Review
The Defenders #4
Is it good?
Action packed and filled with enjoyable dialogue.
Gorgeous art and fun use of perspective. God the action is amazing!
Love how Bendis integrates humor into the dialogue
Journalism isn't dead!
10 or so pages devoted to the mysterious drug drags the story a bit

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