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Old Man Logan #27 Review

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Old Man Logan #27 Review

The bloodbath continues in ‘Old Man Logan’ #27

Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato Jr. have been creating one hell of a bloodsoaked Wolverine tale with Logan on a quest to stop the end of the world. He’s got all the heroics, but how do you stop multiple Hulks let alone just one? The creators aim to show you how.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This series appears to be in the process of putting a period on the now classic Old Man Logan series by Mark Millar since Logan is trying to prevent what happened to his world from happening to the current MCU. There’s a lot of weight to that story that’s carried over here and it’s always fun to see a grizzled old Logan lay down some violent justice.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Old Man Logan #27 Review
Yeah, no reason to try to save them right. None at all.

After the last issue, Brisson and Deodato Jr. put Logan in a pretty bad position as he’s been captured by a bunch of the Hulk kids. Chained to a rock pillar and with no way to escape all Logan can do is be pumped full of lead over and over. It’s a brutal situation, but given the stupidity of these Hulk characters, Logan will be just fine. This issue breaks down into two scenes, one focusing on Logan’s escape, and the other on Maestro communicating to Cambria (another Hulk) why they must drop a bomb on the world. It’s pretty clear there are two roads forming and Brisson has plans for Cambria and Logan which could amount to some cool new stories.

The art continues to be a highlight and I love how Deodato Jr. uses layouts to tell portions of the story. In one page, for instance, four panels at the top of the page are black — a simple way to convey the fact that Logan is blacked out. Down the page, there are panels that contain Logan sitting, another close up on his face, and many other panels simply colored with nothing in them. The way these panels are laid out draw your eye perfectly and lead to a cutout at the bottom right which increases your anticipation as far as who is talking to Logan. It might seem like Deodato Jr. is randomly placing panels in this book, but in fact, they tell a story and do it in a new way. The way he slices through what would usually be one wide panel somehow gives a static image more life as if it’s snapshots in a scene rather than just one angle.

Action fans will love this issue too as Deodato Jr. lets the blood flow. I can’t honestly remember the last time Wolverine had so much blood on his claws (and blood coming out of him) and the violence gives the book an old school feel.

Old Man Logan #27 Review
Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s not a surprise how Logan gets away let alone beats these Hulk characters. From the start of the arc, they’ve proven to be very dumb. That’s worked in Logan’s favor, but at the same time, they’re kind of too easy to kill. Maybe they don’t have a healing factor like the original, or maybe they just suck, but Logan seems to slice and dice through these characters way too easily. Even chained up with no hope you know Logan is going to make it out alive. There’s a lack of stakes and danger–at least for Logan’s well being–that takes a bit of the teeth out of the action and suspense.

Is It Good?

This series continues to be great fun and a real bloodbath. If you loved Wolverine from the 80’s, ya gotta read this.

Old Man Logan #27 Review
Old Man Logan #27
Is it good?
Really cool layouts in this bloodbath action packed issue
Brisson appears to be developing a Hulk character which could reap benefits later
It's just way too easy in this story arc to kill Hulks!

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