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Plastic #5 Review

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Plastic #5 Review

If you are looking for a twisted love story with massive amount of blood and gore, ‘Plastic’ is the book for you.

I am not a big love story guy. I don’t get all gushy when the guy finally lands the girl by playing an 80’s tune on a boom box outside her window. Although, I would have to admit the movie I just referenced is pretty damned good. BUT, there are exceptions other than John Cusack, and Plastic just happens to be one. Plastic #5 hits shelves this Wednesday and I couldn’t have asked for a better finale.

So what is Plastic

I’m glad you asked! You probably won’t believe me when I tell you, but trust me, it is all true! Plastic is about a serial killer named Edwyn. Edwyn is in love with a gorgeous woman named Virginia. Edwyn and Virginia cross paths with the local crime boss, Belliveau, after Belliveau’s son says a bunch of crude things to Virginia, provoking Edwyn to attack the son in order to defend Virginia’s honor. Belliveau responds by kidnapping Virginia. Did I mention that Virginia is a sex doll? Wait, what? Yup! A sex doll, and through all five issues I have cheered on this serial killer to rescue his beloved Virginia! This is MY kind of love story!

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Go on…

All good things must come to an end and Plastic #5 is the finale of the series. Edwyn and his newfound hitchhiking friend, Gwen, have captured Tray, Belliveau’s son, and are holding him captive in an old house. Edwyn just wants Virginia back, plain and simple. He wants to trade Tray for Virginia and end this once and for all. But of course it isn’t that simple. During the exchange, Belliveau thanks Edwyn for pointing out the weaknesses in his organization. Edwyn has killed plenty of Belliveau’s men along his journey to rescue his precious Virginia. Although Belliveau is impressed with Edwyn, he simply can’t let Edwyn walk away alive. Gunshots ring out that leave both Edwyn and Virginia injured, with Gwen being the only hope in rescuing the lovers.

Plastic #5 Review

Damn Dave, I’m tearing up!

Me too! Never in a million years did I imagine I would encounter a love story about a serial killer and a sex doll that would be so damn good. Doug Wagner (I.C.E., Legends of the Dark Knight) has crafted such an incredible story with complex characters. Edwyn’s primary goal is to rescue Virginia, but he has multiple layers. We are never given much about his background, which at first bothered me but Wagner puts so much detail into the “now” of Edwyn that his past wasn’t really an issue for me after the second issue. Edwyn continues to buy items for Virginia, converses with his non-existent mother, and even saves Gwen from a would-be rapist. Whatever Edwyn did in the past, there is another side to him. I believe a part of him wants to be good. Virginia is the key for him to contain his homicidal urges. He cannot go without her.

Hillyard and Martin’s artwork has been so violently delicious in the first four issues of Plastic, and they keep their streak alive in the finale! Martin’s colors are dark and gritty, adding to the tone of the story. Plastic #5 is more character driven, there is violence but the details Hillyard gives to the expressions of the characters are the backbone to this story. You can feel the emotion, even from Virginia’s plastic, lifeless face.

Plastic #5 Review

So I don’t even have to ask if this is good, right? 

No, you don’t — in fact, I am giving Plastic #5 a perfect 10! Yes, this is only my second review and already I have hit the 10 mark. I have been a fan of Plastic since the first issue. I was pleasantly surprised that such a violent, laughable plot would pull me in the way that it did. I reviewed the first four issues at my former home so I had to finish reviewing the story here. Keep in mind, this book isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a twisted love story with massive amount of blood and gore, then Plastic is the book for you.

Plastic #5
Is it good?
If you are looking for a twisted love story with massive amount of blood and gore, Plastic is the book for you.
Well developed complex characters
Personally, I have never wanted someone to get their sex doll back so bad in my life!
The ending was truly satisfying
Even though I was fine with it, I wouldn't have minded a little more back story on Edwyn

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