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Clue #4 Review

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Clue #4 Review

Anyone who is a fan of mysteries will enjoy this book.

Oh Clue, just when I think I have you figured out, you throw another wrench into my monkey. For those keeping score at home, there are three dead bodies! No, wait — someone came back to life. We have TWO dead bodies and now a political thriller has developed in the midst of the murderous dinner party. Let’s dive in to Clue #4!

What’s going on in the mansion?

Good question, but I can’t go into much without spoiling what’s going on. I can sum up what we already know. Mr. Boddy is the one that came back from the dead. He has been in a drug-induced near death state for a couple issues now but has returned to be back with the living. The only one that knows he is alive is Upton, so I’m thinking Upton is a bigger player in this than just your mild-mannered narrator.

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Let’s do a quick roll call:

Mrs Peacock: Dead.
Detective Ochre: Dead.
Miss Scarlett: So oblivious to value of the highly sought-after flower Surobi Zinnias, that she has one in her hair for fashion.
Mr. Green: Still the douchebag pharmaceutical billionaire. Although we start to see he may be in cahoots with one of the dinner guests.
Dr. Orchid and Mr Plum: They are still running around together, they have an idea of what is going on and frantically trying to put the pieces together.
Colonel Mustard and Senator White: Things are heating up between these two as we are treated to a flashback with them during a hearing.
Detective Amarillo – She’s still running around attempting to solve the murders.

Clue #4 Review

So who’s the killer?

Hell if I know! I had my own theory on who the killer could be. I went the obvious route with the butler/narrator Upton. Yes, it is cliché to think that, but I could see it as a possibility. But now that the plot has thickened and the focus is on the highly valued Surobi Zinnias flowers. These flowers have medicinal value, and everyone wants to get their hands on them. Upton in this issue says we won’t see much of him, and we don’t. We are treated to an extended flashback of a hearing with multiple senators, including Senator Peacock interrogating Colonel Mustard about the Surobi Zinnias that were in his control in Afghanistan. Now someone is growing them in captivity at the mansion and everyone is scrambling to find out who is responsible! Except for Miss Scarlett, she’s clueless as hell…or is she? [insert suspenseful music here]

Clue #4 Review

Is it good?

I didn’t enjoy this issue as much as I have enjoyed the previous ones. Things seemed to have slowed down a bit, but I have enjoyed the unexpected direction the story has taken. I wanted the good ole fashioned murder mystery Clue; instead a new type of mystery has revealed itself as the real plot and reason all the dinner guests were brought together. Paul Allor has done an exceptional job expanding this cast of characters in the familiar setting that anyone that has played the board game before is familiar with. This is what is keeping me intrigued about the book. I wanted something closer to the game but the story grows beyond that. Upton continues to break the fourth wall and argue with the editor. He has become my favorite character.

Nelson Daniel has stayed consistent through the narrative. The artwork with the characters have a noir feel, suiting for the mystery tale. The colors continue to match the characters and the inclusion of the classic black and white flashback is a nice touch.

Overall, I am enjoying Clue. I think that anyone that is a fan of mysteries will enjoy the book as well. I have read each issue at least two times, looking for subtle clues that I might have missed during the first read through. Are you reading this book? Are you liking it as much as I am? Who do you think the killer is? Comment here or hit me up on Twitter!

Clue #4 Review
Clue #4
Is it good?
Anyone who is a fan of mysteries will enjoy this book.
The story is more than a dinner murder mystery
The artwork has a noir feel and complements the story
Nice balance of including all the characters
Story expands but the pacing slows down compared to previous issues

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