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Venomverse #3 Review

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Venomverse #3 Review

Venomverse continues its action first storytelling with a new fan favorite symbiote joining the battle.

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It’s safe to say this is an event that’s for the action fan who doesn’t need a complex moral objective and a message of ethics in their event. No, Venomverse is about fun, nostalgic symbiote killing fun. Cullen Bunn has set up quite a plot with symbiotes facing off against poisons in a battle to save one of the coolest aliens to ever be created.

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So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

It’s an event which was preceded with a prelude so it has quite a lot built into it to make it that much more interesting. Plus it has symbiote wearing heroes we know and love, which is a cool way to redesign them!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Venomverse #3 Review
Welcome to the team

It’s pretty clear three issues deep that Bunn understands with an action first fight comic like this you need good plot twists. This issue doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The cliffhanger last issue involved Deadpool turning to the Poison side and while that’s a big development a certain red Symbiote makes his debut in this issue which changes the game. What we have here is a war comic of sorts with enemies on both sides strategizing and scheming to gain an edge. This issue swings both ways a few times in this very issue ending with a big swing for the bad guys, which keeps readers in suspense.

Bunn utilizes Carnage quite well in this issue and it’s a reminder of how insane he was back in the 90’s. The dialogue for Carnage is on point and reflects his insanity. I’ve always thought of him as close as one can get to a symbiotic version of the Joker and he comes off as such here.

Iban Coello draws this issue in a fluid and fun style that suits the Symbiote look. He adds a muscular frame to Carnage that’s appealing and like with the previous issues it’s fun to see heroes we know and love with a Symbiote design change. I also dig the small facial expressions he can swing on a demonic looking face like Carnage, which further adds to his insane nature. Doctor Doom is particularly creepy with a cthulu like wisp of black tendrils coming out of his mask.

Venomverse #3 Review
Rocket is great in all forms.

It can’t be perfect can it?

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Surprisingly Deadpool doesn’t factor in much and given the brouhaha of his switching sides that’s unfortunate. You’d think he’d be the wild card to turn the tide, but instead, he is used more to stand around and comment on the choices other characters made.

There’s no denying this is a series that’s all about action and clean art with little in the way of complex characters. It’s unfortunate because that makes your ability to care hard to come by. The villains have one goal and that’s to kill symbiotes with little to no personality behind it. The heroes are symbiote versions of themselves trying to survive, but there’s little in the way of personal moments to give them a touch of humanity. That said, it’s hard to judge this comic for those things since it’s really not trying to be anything more than an action first affair. It’s just unfortunate it’s so one-dimensional.

Is It Good?

Venomverse is one of those mini-events that you would have loved when you were a kid, but it’s hard to care as an adult. It’s entertaining, but with little character depth and purpose to the fighting I don’t see many folks loving this. That said, for what it is it’s a strongly packaged action book.

Venomverse #3 Review
Venomverse #3
Is it good?
For what it is it ain't a bad action frenzy, but it'll be hard to care about any of it.
Action frenzy fun
Carnage is well written
The plot twists come fast!
Hard to care about these characters
Deadpool is hyped, but underused

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