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Venomverse #4 Review

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Venomverse #4 Review

In this penultimate issue Deadpool has a purpose and the Poison creatures get a plan.

Venomverse, for me, has been a nice snack that offers quick enjoyment, but can be quickly forgotten once finished. It’s the kind of snack that won’t satiate your hunger, but it’s a nice delight in the moment.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

If you ever loved Venom you’ll get a kick out of this series from the plethora of heroes sporting Symbiotes to the interesting new alien villain that’s killing them. Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello are writing a fun series that’s got a main focus on entertaining action.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The plot thickens adequately in this issue when it comes to the heroes actually concocting a plan and Deadpool serving some kind of purpose. Last issue I was a bit miffed Deadpool didn’t add up to much, but he pleasantly adds a nice twist to things here. Bunn continues to flesh out characters ever so slightly between action–Black Panther gets a moment–but really we’re all here for the action anyway. That action comes in fast and hot with Sabretooth and Gwenpool getting the brunt of the action as the heroes try to take them down. Carnage continues to be the ace in the hole for the heroes and Bunn writes this character well.

Coello draws a slick book and there’s quite a few fun panels. A favorite from this issue is one where Gwenpool kicks Venom right in the face and a bit of blonde hair splits through his Symbiote. Deadpool and his variety of facial expressions come through loud and clear whenever he’s on the page, which is quite an achievement given he’s now a Poison and wearing a hard mask.

Readers who might have been growing a bit impatient with the lack of purpose to the book should note a major reveal is given in regards to the Poison’s plan. There’s also some explanation of what these Poisons are that’s adequate and understandable.

Venomverse #4 Review
Sweet kick!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The Poison’s plan however, is one you could have seen coming a mile away. It’s nothing new really and it’s rather basic.

Beyond that, this comic is more of the same in the series with little purpose to the characters you’ll barely care about. It’s mindless action and slow plot progression. There just aren’t enough teeth in the series to really allow any of it to matter.

Is It Good?

Another meh issue in part because the characters lack any purpose. That said, it looks slick and if you like your action in bubblegum format more power to you!

Venomverse #4
Is it good?
It's entertaining but weak on purpose.
A sharp looking book with fun action
Deadpool has a purpose!
We finally get a point to the Poison aliens....
...but it's nothing new
You won't actually care about any of these characters
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