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Go Go Power Rangers #4 Review

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Go Go Power Rangers #4 Review

Truly a Power Rangers story made by people who care about the fans and these characters.

Go Go Power Rangers #4 is the prime example of how these characters should be treated. The amount of effort put into this story is something fans wanted to see growing up watching the series on TV. There’s never been a better representation of “teenagers with attitude” than what you see in this book, and it’s only issue #4.

The absolute greatest part about Go Go Power Rangers is that Ryan Parrot and Dan Mora treat these characters with such delicacy and respect you don’t feel like you’re reading stories about a kids television show, but at the same time it feels so familiar. The direction that Go Go Power Rangers is going in is such a realistic approach in terms of being a real teenager with real problems. The original shows always had its storylines with characters struggling with their “teenager” lifestyles when really none of it was relatable. Those “teenagers with attitude” never seemed angry about anything until a monster came to destroy Angel Grove. Issue #4 alone has those moments of realism like when Kimberly is trying to enjoy a family dinner while her parents refuse to stop arguing at the table, causing Kimberly to lash out at the bus boy for no reason — a bus boy we eventually find out is Zack before they met. Right there are two moments that can actually be looked at as real and that’s from the first couple pages.

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Go Go Power Rangers #4 Review

Every character in each issue seems to grapple with some interesting characteristics that we haven’t seen before. Ryan Parrot is treating this series so much more than a “prequel” series — it’s more like opportunity to shed some new light on these characters. Zack has an issue with not being chosen as the leader because he feels like he steps up to the plate more and handles these dangerous situations better than Jason does or can. That right there is exactly what the fans want to see more than another giant monster destroying Angel Grove: the moments featuring the Rangers and their struggles becoming super and trying to deal with problems at home. The scene with Billy as the Blue Ranger talking to Skull was so emotional. Skull was screaming for help and when Billy realized he just saved a bully of his, he still saved him and then delivered such a short but powerful line that really felt personal and relatable for anyone who’s been picked on.

Go Go Power Rangers #4 Review

The new character Matt was an unusual addition for a prequel series and we finally get some input on where exactly he may end up. Going into this series you read about a sixth friend being introduced before the main series, which he never makes an appearance in. Who is Matt? Why isn’t he the sixth Power Ranger? Well I just assumed this character would eventually hit the road and move on to a new school which is why we never see him again. Matt is attacked and knocked out pretty much the entire issue but what comes later when he awakes from his sleep is breathtaking. Rita Repulsa has taken the real Matt’s body and has an evil double in her control. Which by the way is a very brutal panel and doesn’t look family-friendly at all which is another reason to love this book and the series so far. It doesn’t hold back when it comes to delivering a great story. This has shades of Tommy in Green with Evil only we aren’t dealing with an evil Ranger yet as we know, but the possibilities are endless.

Go Go Power Rangers knocks expectations out of the park with its compelling stories about the Power Rangers’ personal lives and what it’s truly like to be a teenager with attitude. It’s a story so well told that you forget you’re still reading about teenagers that pilot robot dinosaurs and fight giant monsters. It’s truly a Power Rangers story made by people who care about the fans and these characters.

Go Go Power Rangers #4
Is it good?
Truly a Power Rangers story made by people who care about the fans and these characters.
The best part of this book was the realism of the problems the Rangers are facing. It's relatable especially with Zack and Kimberly this issue.
The character Matt finally may have found his place in all of this which is very exciting to see. Rita taking Matt might lead to much greater things.

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