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Kamandi Challenge #10 Review

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Kamandi Challenge #10 Review

Issue 10 rounds the corner and drops some major reveals!

After the slow but deeply meaningful Kamandi Challenge #9 written by Tom King, one can only imagine issue #10 will blow the doors off with action. Greg Pak and Shane Davis are teaming up on this one to bring us a resolution to King’s story, a huge reveal, and sharks that shoot machine guns. It’s gonna be intense!

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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After the suspenseful ending of issue #9, writer Greg Pak and artist Joe Prado bring our hero to the land of the Dead Worshippers! Now freed from captivity, Kamandi must help his new allies, the Shark People, escape their grisly fate as permanent displays in a horrific museum. Filled with long-kept secrets of the world around them, this museum could hold the key to finding Kamandi’s parents, but will he live long enough to find out? Not if the Commander of the worshippers has anything to do with it!

Why does this matter?

We’re closing in on the end of this series which means we’ll need some resolution. Thankfully Pak delivers a big reveal that should adequately change the course for Kamandi moving forward. Davis offers high detailed art that makes even the most insane ideas (sharks with guns) look sharp.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Kamandi Challenge #10 Review
Pretty cool looking robots.

While the last issue was deeply meaningful it was also incredibly slow so it’s nice to see Pak and Davis put the pedal to the metal here. Right off the bat the issue gives readers an explanation as far as what these robots are doing and quickly drops a big reveal right into our laps. The issue is fast-paced and should make action fans quite happy. It all flows quite nicely too as Kamandi must stop the evil commander who plans to kill all these humanoid animals.

Thankfully it’s not all mindless action either since Pak weaves in a flashback that adds gravity to the situation for Kamandi. The narrative in this issue gives a bit more cohesion to the bigger picture too since there seems to be an explanation for why there are so many humanoid animals running about.

Davis draws a heck of an issue with a big reveal of a close character to Kamandi in a full page splash. The costume this character is wearing has an Image Comics 90’s flair that’s pretty damn awesome. Hell, the robots are pretty flipping cool looking too with incredibly long and tall bodies and scary looking heads. In a show stopper of a double page splash, Davis has robots fighting sharks with arms shooting machine guns. Each shark comes complete with a tattoo (I scoped out a Pacman!). This is balls to the wall insane action and it’s damn fun.

Kamandi Challenge #10 Review
Not the brightest robots are they?

It can’t be perfect can it?

Not so much an issue in this book since it’s a reoccurring one, but isn’t Kamandi supposed to be in his early teens? He’s gotta be late 20’s early 30’s in the way he’s drawn in this book. He’s certainly not even close to what his age is depicted as on the cover!

Is It Good?

Issue #10 rounds the corner with crazy ideas, tons of action, and big reveals. If you’ve dropped this book pick it up now because it’s gloriously fun!

Kamandi Challenge #10 Review
Kamandi Challenge #10
Is it good?
A ton of fun with interesting twists and a fast pace.
Fast paced, filled with action, and big reveals!
Sharp art with some fantastic spreads
Seems to be heading towards a finish with an interesting flashback
Is Kamandi 30 or is he a teen?!

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