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Is Duskbreaker the strongest card in the history of Hearthstone?

Will the new Kobolds and Catacombs expansion released the strongest card in Hearthstone standard play history?

Dragon Priest enthusiasts rejoice: the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs (slated for release in December) will introduce what is sure to become a staple in the deck: Duskbreaker.

Blizzard released an official statement on r/hearthstone describing the card as “Quite strong overall” and one that “[makes] Dragon priest a little bit less about playing minions on curve and a bit more about control.”

Professional Hearthstone player Zalae believes it may be “the strongest card in the history [of the game].”

Hyperbole or prescience? Surely the card will be a bane for Aggro/Tempo decks, but will Duskbreaker be in the same echelon as commonly regarded overpowered cards as Undertaker, Dr. Boom, Ragnaros the Firelord or pre-nerf Starving Buzzard?

Redditor BenevolentCheese doesn’t think so:

Nah. The problem is that Dragon has historically been a tempo deck and if you are ahead on the board this card is unplayable (unless you aren’t holding another dragon in which case it’s a 4 mana 3/3–yuck). If you are behind, it’s awesome, but you problem aren’t going to want to be behind. And, while a maybe board clear with a 3/3 body is nice, it’s certainly not the kind of all-encompassing ownage of something like Ultimate Infestation which covers every single aspect of the game.

Melphina_Dragonfyre isn’t so sure. Her following points echo Zalae’s sentiment:

This is busted beyond belief. It’s excavated evil for 1 mana less that also comes with a 3/3 body. It’s hellfire with a body. It’s abyssal enforcer that comes down 3 turns sooner.

Priest’s biggest weakness was that it lacked a solid early board AoE, but now that weakness is gone. This is bonkers. I know I should be glad one of my favorite archetypes just got a massive buff, but this just feels dirty and wrong.

Will Duskbreaker become the newest game-breaking card in the competitive Hearthstone meta? Sound off in the comments.


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