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Made Men #3 Review

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Made Men #3 Review

The visuals in this book are just as strong as the narrative.

“What our service offers is this…if someone needs help, if someone has a loved one or a business partner or anyone they care about…if they lose that person, then they need to call us. That’s what they need to do. They need to call us. And we solve the f-----g problem. I mean that we raise the dead. I give them life, again.”

Wow! Right? Jutte Shelley…uh, excuse me. Jutte Frankenstein makes her team sound like a living dead version of the A-Team. In case you need a quick catch up, let me tell you how things have gone for Jutte and her team. They were ambushed and left for dead. Jutte is kinda pissed off about this, and it just so happens she comes from the bloodline of Frankenstein. So a quick hop into the laboratory and she pieces all of her dead squad back to life. Pretty damn cool, yeah? I think so too. Only three issues into Made Men and I think it has broken into my top ten favorite books of the year.

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Made Men #3 Review

Damn Dave! Tell me more!

There’s a lot going on in Made Men #3. Jutte throws on a wig, approaches a detective while he’s eating lunch and offers him to go right for desert. Well, who is going to turn that down? Not many, and neither does the detective. Hours later, Jutte is a machine, what can I say? Anyway, Jutte lays out her plan to the detective. She wants access to police files and the FBI criminal justice information services. After the wild afternoon she has given the detective, he has to be willing to give up all of his information, right? Wrong, but a lion-headed fella named Leo hiding in the closet and Jutte explaining who she is and her plan might be enough to have him reconsider.

Meanwhile across town, Hadry, who was reconstructed from the brain of an early Italian suffragist, is on her own mission. But she also gets the chance to explore her newfound freedom of being a lady in the modern world. This includes sex, drugs, and rock roll. The police chief that ordered the hit on Jutte’s team is in attendance at the club as well, but Hadry just wants to shake her ass for a little longer. How is this situation going to end?

Made Men #3 Review

But Dave, is it good?

What part of sex, drugs, and rock and roll did you miss? Yes, Made Men #3 is a very entertaining book. As wild as I have made Jutte and Hadry sound, Paul Tobin tells a solid story. The book has a lot of dialogue and all of it clicks. Jutte wants her revenge, but also sees that she can do good as well. If there are consequences ahead of her for any of her actions, that remains to be seen. Jutte is a smart lady, she seems to have her head together…poor choice of words since she was shot in the head, but you get my drift.

I am digging Arjuna Susini’s artwork. Jutte is a very attractive lady, but has that sense of danger in her eyes. She is confident and is not scared of much. Susini does a nice job of projecting her aura through his lines. Leo is probably one of my favorites. The combination of Susini’s pencils and Gonzalo Duarte’s colors make him look menacing. The visuals in this book are just as strong as the narrative.

Made Men has been a fun book so far. The violence is intense, and the story is very intriguing as well as exciting. It reads like a high budget B-movie. Mixed with horror and comedy, Made Men #3 is worth picking up. She’s alive!

Made Men #3 Review
Made Men #3
Is it good?
It reads like a high budget B-movie. Mixed with horror and comedy, Made Men #3 is worth picking up. She's alive!
Story is strong, likable characters
Solid artwork, love Leo
A lot going on, but it flows so well
What are the other characters up to?

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