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Twists, turns, and tons of fourth wall breaking fun.

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Spider-Man/Deadpool #24 Review

Twists, turns, and tons of fourth wall breaking fun.

Let’s be honest, Spider-Man/Deadpool should be the funniest comic on the stands. Period. It has two of the most comedy-centric superheroes of all time headlining. How can this comic not be funny? This issue aims to answer that question one way or another.

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So what’s it about?

We have a handy preview for that.

Why does this matter?

Robbie Thompson is a writer who has consistently put out quality work. Chris Bachalo has an art style that stands alone. Together, they make up Thompson/Bachalo, one of the funniest team up collaborations ever*!

*Okay maybe that’s a bit much, but this issue funny my dudes.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Twists, turns, and tons of fourth wall breaking fun.
Oh Deadpool, you card.
This issue opens with Deadpool flying. Well, he thinks he’s flying anyway. In this full-page spread of a close up of Deadpool, Thompson has Deadpool tell us we should blame the editors. He then tells us their names, which sparks one of many fourth wall breaking moments in the issue. Thompson is in full stride with this issue with a ton of meta jokes that are genuinely funny. The dialogue has a speed to it that helps get inside Deadpool’s crazy head and exude the feel his insanity. For the most part this is Deadpool’s show, partly because Spider-Man is just trying to stay alive, but also because he plays the straight man throughout. That helps land the humor when Deadpool says and does insane things. Oh, and he does some insane things alright.

Bachalo gets to draw Deadpool wearing a cowboy hat riding a…okay I won’t spoil it, but the full page spread is pretty damn comical. Bachalo gets to draw tons of monsters too and if you know his work on Doctor Strange you know that’s in his wheelhouse. After reading this and the last issue I think it’s safe to say Bachalo approaches the page like a jazz musician. Panels at times seem to be placed to add some symmetry, but also seem to be there just because. Panels will also be cut off, making you think there was a double page layout there that was removed. Bachalo also seems to have his thumb on the pace at all times, which can make for exciting moments that zing, or slower moments that allow to recoup and laugh.

Twists, turns, and tons of fourth wall breaking fun.
Nice card there. I wonder where he got it.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I sort of mentioned this earlier in the review, but Spider-Man is sort of a sidekick more than a featured player. If he’s not wiping gunk off he’s trying to catch up to Deadpool. Deadpool seems to have the edge every moment of this journey, which is sort of the point of the plot, but it means Spider-Man adds little humor to the issue. He also doesn’t fight or do much of anything besides try to catch up. The set up works for the most part, but if you’re a Spidey fan you’ll be disappointed.

Is It Good?

Try to catch up folks, because Spider-Man barely can in this funny, super meta, twist heavy issue. Bachalo and Thompson appear to have hit the ground running and I don’t want them to stop!

Spider-Man/Deadpool #24
Is it good?
Tons of laughs, twists, and surprises in this one folks!
Deadpool is hilarious and his dialogue well written
A ton of twists and turns in the plotting
Sharp art with cool monsters to enjoy from Bachalo
Spider-Man takes a back seat in this one
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