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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #77 Review

The Triceratons are here and ready to kick ass…although to their credit, they did try to be nice at first. Then Bishop and the EPF had to come in and douche everything up with the usual/expected xenophobic violence. Let’s see how that’s going, shall we?

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First Read Reactions

  • Triceratons may have stormtrooper aim, but at least they cool look.
  • Maybe not the best time to be a jerk, Raphael.
  • Someone needs to tell Baxter Stockman that his lack of empathy is so transparent that real sociopaths are starting to get offended.
  • Still not a big fan of Splinter these days, but he definitely knows what’s up when it comes to french fries.
  • …and I’m back to hating Splinter again.
  • Hopefully the Triceratons can translate looking even cooler to better aim.

The Verdict

I liked the Triceratons better when they were conflicted. Now they’re (justifiably) pissed off, but still not being very rational. Add that to how inept these once incredible warriors are being portrayed, and the main crux of this issue is a bit of a let down.

The subplots are at least somewhat intriguing, albeit not the type of thing I think most TMNT fans are going to be happy about. I can live with Splinter doing something different from the status quo; admire it even. But his conversation with Bishop–and the result that comes out of it–is head slappingly ridiculous.

Add in some standard Baxter Stockman pontificating, and you’ve definitely got a bit of a sophomore slump in what started out as a fantastic looking story arc. Let’s hope things get back on track next month.

Is it good?
Intriguing subplots and cool visuals help salvage an otherwise boring/predictable issue.
Whether you like the subplots or not, at least they're intriguing.
The issue is chock full of good visuals.
Weren't the Triceratons amazing (and honorable) warriors back on Planet X.
I can live with Splinter making bad decisions as long as they aren't also incredibly stupid.

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