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Avengers #675 Review: every Avenger is needed to win this one

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Avengers #675 Review: every Avenger is needed to win this one

An event-level threat is incoming and only the Avengers (all of them) can do something about it.

Something big is coming and we’re not talking size like Galactus. A threat that will require every Avenger, be it A team, B team, or West Coast team (if those exist!). This week Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub team up to write “Avengers No Surrender,” a new mini-event from Marvel Comics.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Joining these three big time writers is Pepe Larraz who has the sharpest pencils you’ll ever see (and not just the tip of that pencil either). For a while the Avengers ha=ve been reduced to a team of 5 or 6 but this issue sees the beginning of a huge team with more Avengers involved than you can count. That includes previous Avengers like Rogue and Quicksilver too.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Avengers #675 Review: every Avenger is needed to win this one
The Living Laser looks a lot like Iceman.

As far as first issues go this comic does everything right; it introduces a lesser known character who will act as the everyman we can all relate to, offers plenty of famous faces to get hyped over, and includes big cataclysmic events that only heroes could fix. Potentially. The world is crashing down on them in this issue and said world–we’re talking the entire globe itself–may not even be safe. This issue even has a peculiar mystery and a big time death! All in all, if you like event books this comic has that event-level feel.

This book is well paced too. As you start to feel comfortable with the Living Lightning things turn south quick, cutting to Falcon, Wasp, and every big time hero under the Marvel sun. The fact that you’re just getting the right amount of info before things switch gears is a good sign because you’re always excited and always learning more.

The art by Larraz is sharp and is aided by color artist David Curiel. Just take a look at the wings on Falcon below and you’ll see what I mean (not to mention those photorealistic looking birds). This issue is all about mayhem which means rubble, buildings, and even lava are coming down on characters heads. Larraz manages to make all this chaotic, but understandable which is no easy feat.

Avengers #675 Review: every Avenger is needed to win this one
Dang those wings are pretty.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s a good thing the next chapter comes out in 7 days, because I was left scratching my head as far as where this goes from here. This issue lays out the groundwork as far as stakes, but I’m at a loss as far as what the threat is. One could guess it’s the Phoenix given a big character reveal near the end and recent Marvel marketing material, but it reads like a major piece is missing in a two-piece puzzle.

If you’re looking for character work there is very little here which has become a usual thing when Waid is writing. Instead, expect quick cameos and character blips as chaos ensues across the world.

Is It Good?

This is a good first issue, especially if you hold it up with other event style stories. It sets up the many heroes involved as well as the stakes too. Don’t expect a clear understanding of where this story goes from here, but you only need to wait 7 days to find out more. Its main message is clear though: every Avenger is needed to win this one.

Avengers #675
Is it good?
A good first issue that has an event-vibe and stuffs a lot of characters into it.
Event caliber storytelling done well due to the high stakes laid out clearly
Lot's of heroes show up and a message of every man on deck is made clear
Sharp art and great colors
I was left wanting more about the why of this story
Bounces around so fast you'll never get a bead on these characters (even if we know them well)

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