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Avengers #676 Review

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Avengers #676 Review

“Avengers No Surrender” part 2 fleshes out the rules of engagement.

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The Earth has somehow slipped out of its location in the stars and the Avengers are getting their bearings on what to do next. First off, where is it, and second off, was the Earth actually stolen? Marvel’s “Avengers No Surrender” part 2 drops today.

So what’s it about?

Read our preview.

Why does this matter?

The big takeaway from the last issue is a “new” Avenger has entered the fray and she may not be new at all. Similar to Sentry, Marvel appears to have a long lost hero on their hands who gets fleshed out here. Plus, the bad guys find their place in the narrative!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Avengers #676 Review
Jarvis, noooo.

This issue resolves a few of the issues I had with the first part and that’s namely giving these heroes a direction to point their fists at. Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and Jim Zub devote seven pages to an entire team of villains, many of which we’ve seen before and who may be the big bad guys the Avengers need to vanquish before long. The coolest part though is they may (or may not, no spoilers) be the villain behind the curtain. It appears the creative team are doing a few different things with this story and are giving us just enough detail to allow readers to start to guess where it’s going. There’s definitely a Secret Wars vibe about the story as battling will be taking place, which starts here with the villainous Black Order facing off against the Lethal Legion (who hasn’t appeared in Marvel Comics since 2009!).

Much of the rest of the book focuses on Voyager, the long-lost Avenger, and establishing some order amongst the remaining Avengers. The creative team once again does a great job establishing this character’s past and her ability to lead. You immediately get the sense she’s a top tier Avenger based on how she carries herself. It’s also refreshing to see her relinquish leadership to Falcon, which makes her seem wise and level headed. She’s a mystery to be sure, but I’m all-in with her involvement with the story.

Pepe Larraz draws this issue and again he has a clean style that excels in scenes with many characters on the page. His modern style meshes well with flashback scenes that reveal Voyager’s part in Avenger history too. The character designs of the Lethal Legion and Black Order are quite cool too with some looking freshened up for this affair.

Avengers #676 Review
Wait, what?!

It can’t be perfect can it?

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Customary of event style stories this story is moving a tad slow for my tastes. That’ll be fixed when folks read this in a collection, but far as single issues even the 7-day delay is too slow for me. Gimme some answers, some action, and some more plot progression! As it stands this issue takes place over a matter of a few minutes and that’s just not enough.

Is It Good?

This is a good issue that reveals key details and gets the villain’s into the story too. Underneath this story are a few mysteries that’ll titillate and get folks wanting more too.

Avengers #676 Review
Avengers #676
Is it good?
Enough details are revealed to get you excited for this story arc.
The story is starting to get a mold we can understand
Great art, especially when juxtaposed with the classic flashback pages
The pace of the event is a bit slow, divvying out a couple details to stretch out the narrative

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