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'Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2' review: a story as exciting and as complex as the original trilogy

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‘Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2’ review: a story as exciting and as complex as the original trilogy

Star Wars Legends: Legacy Volume 2 is amazing.

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2 is a collection of Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Legacy issues from the mid 90’s.

It has been over a hundred years since the events of Episode IV. The “true” Empire, led by Emperor Roan Fel, has been taken over by a new Sith order led by Darth Krayt. Krayt was once an ancient Jedi from the Clone Wars era, who became resentful of the Jedi Order and turned to the ways of the Sith. Having abolished the Rule of Two, Krayt ushers in a new age of One Sith. Among his fellow Sith is Darth Wyyrlok, Krayt’s second in command. Wyyrlok is a master of the ritual lore of the Sith and the ways of the Force. Together they search for a way to preserve Krayt’s life since he is very ancient and starting to die.

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It is a time of great political upheaval and Civil War. Emperor Roan Fel along with his Imperial Knights are desperately searching for a way to reclaim Coruscant and the throne from Krayt and the Imperial Moff Council that betrayed him and exiled them.

'Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2' review: a story as exciting and as complex as the original trilogy

The Galactic Alliance also fights against the Sith Empire and is led by the renegade Admiral Gar Stazi. Stazi was in charge of the Core Fleet which served to protect Coruscant and the core planets of the Empire. Now he stands as a formidable adversary to the Sith order and Darth Krayt’s new regime.

At the center of everything is Cade Skywalker, descendant of Luke Skywalker and the last in the Skywalker bloodline. Cade was training to be a Jedi at the Jedi academy on Ossus when it was attacked and destroyed. It was during that attack that Cade witnessed the death of his father and turned his back on the Jedi Order.

Cade becomes a pirate then later joins with the Sith for a time, learning Dark Side powers such as how to heal and keep others from dying of disease and sickness. After leaving the Sith, Cade decides to become a bounty hunter along with his girlfriend Delilah Blue, his best friend Jariah Syn, and an astromech droid named R2D2.

This collection starts out on Mon Calamari or Dac as it is known by its indigenous inhabitants. Here at one of the principal shipyards a new Imperial Star Destroyer, the Imperious, is being completed and is ready to leave the yard. It is obviously a trap that the Imperials have set to try to catch Stazi, but one that he cannot resist as Stazi and his Rogue Squadron fighters steal the ship and escape with it renaming it the Alliance. This infuriates Krayt and sets him on a campaign to exterminate and eradicate the entire Mon Calamari race and culture from existence and from history itself as an example of the fate of anyone that goes against his One Sith Empire.

This event, along with the bounty that has been placed on Cade Skywalker’s head by Krayt, sets Cade on a mission to assassinate Krayt once and for all. Cade and his team of bounty hunters make their way in the Mynoc, Cade’s ship, to a hidden Jedi Temple to ask the Jedi order for support. They are accompanied by Azlyn Rae, a woman from Cade’s past who trained with him as a Jedi on Ossus before it was destroyed. Rae was rescued by the Imperial Knights and it is with them that she completed her training becoming a knight herself.

'Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2' review: a story as exciting and as complex as the original trilogy

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

When the group gets to the Jedi Temple they realize that they were followed by the Imperial Knights and were betrayed by Rae. The Imperial nights are led by Marasiah Fel, the true Imperial princess and Imperial Knight herself. They have come seeking out the Jedi Council to try to form an alliance between the true Empire and Gar Stazi’s Galactic Alliance to stop Krayt. The Jedi Council denies supporting Cade’s plan to assassinate Krayt, however the Imperial princess agrees with his plan and sends her knights along with the bounty hunters to assist him with the assassination. On route they are yanked out of hyperspace mysteriously and pulled into a derelict Star Destroyer that has been floating in the Deep core abandoned for the last 10 years. Once on board they meet Celeste Morne, an ancient Jedi from the time of the Old Republic. Some 4,000 years earlier Morne discovered an ancient Sith artifact called the Muur Talisman. An extremely ancient Sith named Karness Muur created the talisman along with an infection called the rakghoul plague. The plague turns anyone in its presence into mindless creatures under his control. Celeste has spent the last four thousand years protecting the talisman and keeping Muur a prisoner within herself. She agrees to help Cade Skywalker on his mission to assassinate Darth Krayt. Celeste contacts Darth Krayt pretending to be Karness Muur. They use Skywalker as bait since Krayt has been searching for him to use his Dark Side healing powers to keep Krayt from dying. The Sith Lord takes the bait and when they arrive there is an epic battle between Darth Krayt and his One Sith, the Imperial Knights, and Cade Skywalker.

Darth Krayt is defeated and Cade kills Celeste releasing her from her 4000 years serving as a prison for Karness Muur. Skywalker takes on the talisman then destroys it and Muur with it. Darth Wyyrlok finds Darth Krayt on the verge of death and finishes the job killing his master, and places his dead body in his stasis chamber. He tells the other Sith that Krayt is healing and regenerating from the battle, and has left Wyyrlok in charge.

'Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2' review: a story as exciting and as complex as the original trilogy

John Ostrander took the Star Wars legacy and the legacy of the Skywalker name to all new levels with this series. He gives us a story with an Empire that tries to rule without war only to be taken over by a new Sith uprising out to conquer the galaxy once more. The way he takes the concept of the Sith and changes that into the idea of One Sith as a collective is brilliant. The character of Cade Skywalker is very complex and is written in a way that make him the ultimate grey Jedi. Having trained as a Jedi and then as a Sith, Cade walks that thin razor line between the light and the dark, master of both, pulling his powers from either side. The character of Admiral Gar Stazi is also well written. There is a rich history and lore to this era that Ostrander has created.

The artwork on the series is magnificent. Every page and frame is vibrant, colorful, and feels like the Star Wars universe yet has a very original look to it as well. The Sith are truly terrifying to behold and their power and ferocity are palpable. Every space battle and lightsaber fight truly leaps off the page like in the films. The use of force power, lightning and fire are exciting and look badass. Both Omar Francia and Jan Duursema do such an amazing job with the detail and depth of the artwork. There is an intense elegance to this visual world they have taken turns in creating. Brad Anderson’s use of color only adds to the intensity and really brings everything to life magnificently.

This series has been a fan favorite of the expanded universe for over 20 years and this collection is a testament to why.

'Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 2' review: a story as exciting and as complex as the original trilogy
Star Wars Legends: Legacy Volume 2
Is it good?
This collection is 469 pages of Star Wars awesomeness. It's no wonder that this series was one of the most popular expanded universe works ever made for Star Wars. A must have for any fan.
Great writing with an exciting story and captivating characters
Vibrant artwork that is exciting and beautiful to look at.
Epic Space Battles and lightsaber duels that leap off the page.
Sith and lots of them.
Issue 01/2 is full of wonderful character profiles and reference material at the end of the book
I honestly can't come up with any negatives about this collection. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

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