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The Demon: Hell is Earth #3 Review

This issue gets the band back together.

It’s getting a lot hotter in Death Valley, with Hell and all rising up from within the Earth. Times like this usually mean questionable heroes like Etrigan the Demon are required to save everything. All in a day’s work for Etrigan and his brother Merlin!

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So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

After the horrific acts of last issue, the highly unstable team of Etrigan, Jason Blood and Xanadu must face a new threat. A new player that has been ally, enemy and family to Jason and Etrigan reveals itself, and explains just who is responsible for the nightmarish transformation facing Earth. But before the shock of this information can be absorbed, the group must face a different family member. And he’s got an offer that Etrigan can’t refuse. Alliances will be made, familial bonds will be broken, and blood will be spilled!

Why does this matter?

Andrew Constant and Brad Walker are some swell guys who are ratcheting up the adult themes in this excellent miniseries. If Etrigan ever interested you this is a must read as his character (and how he’s drawn) is top notch stuff.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Why does the military always think bombing something is the answer?

This issue jam packs the drama, focusing in on Merlin and his involvement with the story. Readers not only get some key information on what is going on with the big picture, but we get to see Etrigan commit some badass violence on fellow demons. There’s also a nice cameo for Lucifer fans which helps give the book a bit more weight and importance. The stakes are raised well too as Hell is literally going to take over Earth.

The most entertaining part of this issue is Etrigan, who seems to have his groove back now that he’s no longer in Jason Blood’s head. Instead, Blood is in his head, but since they’re in Hell for most of this issue he seems to be okay with it. Constant explores Etrigan with characters questioning him or pressing him about what he should or shouldn’t do. The character has always been a questionable hero but this issue seems to lead him down a more heroic path. Constant also nails the rhyming dialogue, a most important Etrigan trait.

This is some of the best artwork Brad Walker has ever done. The art stands out with in-your-face Kirby-style drawings throughout. The use of fire is a key element and you get some impressive swaths of Hell to look over too. The violence doesn’t hold back either, with some smashed heads and some fire breathing going down. Heck, even Merlin’s beard looks sharp and worthy.

That’s what I thought.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Jason Blood ends up being more of a supporting character this issue even though his dynamic with Etrigan was a key element that made the first two issues so enjoyable. While there is some confrontation in this issue it really is a table setting sort of plot getting the characters on the same page (and the reader too) so as to mark the final thrust of the story.

Is It Good?

This issue gets the band back together and aims to set the stage for an Etrigan who’s got his groove back. Only Hell on Earth stands in his way!

Is it good?
One of the best issues yet in the series. Jump on board!
A strong third issue sets the stage for the final push to the end
Etrigan is a great character rhyming and all!
Brad Walker is drawing some of his best work ever
Jason Blood takes a back seat even though his dynamic with Etrigan was a highlight

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