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Quantum and Woody! #2 Review

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Quantum and Woody! #2 Review

Visually striking issue that gets things into gear.

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Quantum and Woody is back in all its superhero hijinks glory. They’re brought to you in technicolor-crazy-layout-madness from artist Kano. Keep your eyes peeled, this guy knows what he’s doing!

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So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

Daniel Kibblesmith has created quite an interesting dynamic with this series. The brothers are fighting and right in between all that their father has mysteriously been found. There’s a bomb that’s going to go off that’ll test these two.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Quantum and Woody! #2 Review
Neat how the building is used here.

This issue continues the framing of Quantum and Woody as children in their tree house. This issue they’re playing a role-playing game and, per their personalities, can’t agree on anything. Smash cut to Quantum getting punched in the face by Woody and you get the gist. Their coming to blows continues here and things start to get personal. Kibblesmith surprisingly progresses things quite a bit in this issue with new developments and details that would usually come with 4 issues in a decompressed comic story. That’s exciting and the pace never lets up. By the end of the issue, everything is flipped on its head as the characters head on an adventure they may or may not want to go on.

Kano has outdone himself with this issue. There are excellent panels, layouts, and flat out new things I’ve never seen in the comics medium displayed here. In one scene, for example, Kano overlays explosion boxes over a group of ninjas Quantum is beating up. Within these explosions are the moves Quantum uses on these guys. It’s a cool way to show action. His layouts are incredibly good too. In a double page layout, Kano draws three long panels (with many reactions and close up panels strewn throughout) to show Quantum chasing Woody. They chase each other from left to right on the top panel, then down to the second panel so they run right to left. This forces the reader to flip the entire comic to see it right side up until they reach the left side in which they run down to the third panel and you have to flip the comic back. It’s a neat idea that adds to the chaos of the moment. This is just one of many great layouts in this book.

The villain gets a lot more work in this issue and you get a sense she’s a very formidable foe. Kibblesmith is using other villains too and they show up in intriguing ways as well. All in all, if you were skeptical of the last issue don’t give up as this second issue seals the deal.

Quantum and Woody! #2 Review
Don’t fight you’re brothers!

It can’t be perfect can it?

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Surprisingly these characters aren’t using their powers. I suppose it’s cool to see them kick ass without them, but the entire point of these superheroes is their powers. Let’s see ’em let loose!

Is It Good?

A visually striking issue that sets itself apart as it progresses the story nicely and kicks things into a high gear. Possibly (I haven’t read everything yet!) the best superhero comic of the week.

Quantum and Woody! #2 Review
Quantum and Wood! #2
Is it good?
A great issue through and through.
Visually striking with stuff you have never seen before.
Progresses the plot nicely as well as fleshes out the villains
Let's see these guys use their powers more, eh?

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