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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Legends Lizard wave Spider Punk 6″ action figure

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man wave is now appearing in stores and we unbox the first to arrive.

Marvel Legends has been putting out some of the greatest superhero action figures for years. At the top of that list is their Spider-Man waves which come out every year like clockwork. We liked and reviewed three of the figures from last years wave, but Hasbro might have outdone themselves with this latest wave.

Soon the Spider-Man Lizard BAF wave will be hitting stores, but instead of preordering the whole set we had to get our hands on the Spider Punk figure. Sure it’s an obscure Elseworlds version of the character, but does he look cool or what? After seeing it at SDCC last year for the first time we had to make it ours. And now it is!

Check out the unboxing below to see it in action:

As you can see this is quite a unique figure. It not only comes with a spiked head but also a guitar with some nice detail. It is slightly strange that it’s mostly white, but we figure Hasbro wants us to make it our own. This is a standard mold we’ve seen with other Spidey figures though it comes with a nicely made jacket made of plastic that looks quite like a jean jacket. If you’re a Spider-Man collector this is going to be a must buy, but we can see a lot of folks passing this one up simply because it’s a more obscure Spider-Man character in the Marvel Universe.

Is it good?
A solid figure with good detail where it counts.
Good details on the jacket
A unique Spidey toy to say the least!
The spikes on the head look pretty dang cool
The guitar could use more detail
The obscure nature of the toy is going to make this an easy pass for some
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