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Star Wars Adventures #7 Review

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Star Wars Adventures #7 Review

A well-written book for all ages with fun, colorful artwork and two exciting stories, both of which send a good message to youngsters.

Star Wars Adventures #7 from Disney and IDW tells two fun stories for all ages in one exciting book.

The first tale is part 1 of a 2 part story titled “Endangered.” The Empire has stolen the rare and sacred Argora bird from the planet Xendek. It’s so rare that only one is born in each generation. Ezra gets a tip from an informant that the bird is being transported on a cargo ship to the Emperor’s personal zoo on Coruscant. As the Ghost approach the cargo ship they are immediately pursued by a squadron of TIE Fighters. Meanwhile the Phantom lands on the cargo ship and Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, and a very reluctant Zeb board it in hopes of rescuing the endangered bird. Once inside they are met by a group of Stormtroopers and bravely fight their way into the cargo bay where they find their informant waiting there with the bird. It seems that the mysterious source of Ezra’s intel only intended for the crew of the Ghost to serve as a distraction while he made off with the bird himself to turn a profit. Unfortunately, in the process of discovering which container held the Argora, the fiend opened every single cage, releasing all of the rare creatures inside. The first part of the story ends with our heroes discovering that not only do they have to fight through Stormtroopers to escape, now they also have to face the dangers of all of these rare beasts running amok onboard the cargo ship.

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Star Wars Adventures #7 Review

The second story of this issue is one of the Tales from Wild Space titled “Look Before You Leap.” It’s a cautionary tale told by the captain of a ship to his two droids who are arguing over whether or not they should land on a planet before scanning it for hostile life forms. The captain tells the story of Nien Nunb and his co-pilot Shriv as they track two TIE Fighters to an unknown planet. Upon landing they discover one of the TIE Fighters chewed up, then suddenly their own ship is swallowed up by the planet itself. Inside the hungry biological landmass they discover the second TIE Fighter and witness it being eaten by many strange tentacle creatures with sharp teeth. Shriv frantically tries to remove all of the slime clogging the engines of their ship as the tentacles make their way towards their prey. Will Nien and Shriv survive this hostile planet or will they end up as food like the two TIE Fighters before them!?

The writing in this issue is very fun. There’s definitely a Disney sensibility that makes it enjoyable for young children, teenagers and even adults who are young at heart. In the first story, Sholly Fisch (Scooby-Doo/Teen Titans Go) weaves a fun, exciting tale with a message about conservation and the mistreatment of endangered animals. It’s action packed and really captures the personalities of the Star Wars: Rebels characters and how they interact with each other. The story is smart and funny but also tells a very important message.

“Tales from Wild Space: Look Before You Leap” is also written well. It’s the shorter of the two stories in this issue but it tells a very valuable lesson about making sure you know what you’re getting into before your deep in it. It was written by Paul Crilley who’s also worked on scripting video games such as Star Wars: the Old Republic.

Star Wars Adventures #7 Review

The artwork in both stories is fun and action packed. Sean Galloway makes everything fit perfectly in the Rebels universe and the action scenes between the crew of the Ghost and the Stormtroopers is drawn in a way that is reminiscent of the classic Star Wars films. Luis Antonio Delgado’s colors only complement and enhance this simple, yet beautiful artwork.

Philip Murphy’s work on Tales from Wild Space is also very fun and exciting in bit of a more sinister way. The monsters inside the interior of the predatory planet are fun and silly in a slightly scary kind of way and Wes Dzioba’s use of bright vibrant colors is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Overall this is a very pleasurable romp through the Disney XD world of Star Wars: Rebels. It’s a lot of fun and it tells two exciting stories, both of which also teach a very valuable lesson to young ones. This is a wonderful title for any Star Wars fan to share with their young son or daughter, or any fan to just read on their own.

There is also a very nice cover gallery in the back with the original cover by Sean Galloway as well as two variants, one by Jamal Peppers and the other by Derek Laufman and Jordan Boyd.

Star Wars Adventures #7 Review
Star Wars Adventures #7
Is it good?
I would recommend this issue to anyone with children who enjoy the Star Wars universe or to any parents that wants to share that experience with their child. It won't be must-have for most, but it is definitely worth purchasing for fans of the Disney XD Star Wars: Rebels television show.
Two great stories in one book
The stories tie in well with the characters from Star Wars: Rebels as well as incorporating characters from the original Star Wars trilogy
There is a positive lesson to be learned from both stories
It is a book that be shared between a parent and child
While the first story is very compelling and leaves you with a cliffhanger ending for part 2 to pick up, the second story is rather short and simple and lack any real resolution
The Imperial characters in "Endangered" seem very one-dimensional and aren't really drawn in a way that makes them feel dangerous. They are just kind of there.

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