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DC Covergirls: Harley Quinn by Joelle Jones Review


DC Covergirls: Harley Quinn by Joelle Jones Review

DC Covergirls: Harley Quinn by Joelle Jones Review

DC Collectibles is a statue, bust, action figure, and replica company that is probably most well known for making statues directly under DC’s supervision, therefore not having to pay licensing fees which leads to lower priced statues. They’re a good alternative for people who can’t drop $500+ on a statue but still want something to show off their geek side in their home. Their quality control can sometimes be horrendous, (i.e. terrible paint jobs, production pieces that look nothing like the prototype, foot pegs not sitting flush on the base, and lest we forget the QC disaster that was the first batch of Batwoman Bombshells,) but all around I think they have some very nice statues for affordable prices, even if they’re not as big or detailed as a Sideshow or XM Studios piece.

The DC Covergirls line specifically has gone through a few revamps as time has gone by. The very first Covergirls series was based on the art of Adam Hughes and is widely considered some of DCC’s (called DC Direct at the time) best pieces. The second line that was started when the New 52 began had character’s costumes based on their New 52 designs. This line was based on Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s art, but in general they had a hard time translating Artgerm’s airy quality to three dimensions.

The Starfire of that line is a good example of the art not translating well to statue form. The Artgerm line was nice because it got pretty far into the roster of female characters that DC has, and saw some characters that would probably never get the statue treatment otherwise like Bleez, Helena Wayne Huntress, and Platinum.

This new revamp on the line is based on artist Joelle Jones’ work. Jones has such a great grasp on the female body, as well as facial expressions. Her 2D art buzzes with life and energy. I was excited to see the DC heroines have an female artist this talented working hard to give them the statue treatment they deserve. At first I wasn’t going to get this statue, as I have a lot of statues already, and Harley Quinn isn’t one of my favorite characters. That all changed the minute I saw her in person. She’s stunning to put it simply. Probably one of DC Collectibles’ best statues ever released, and definitely the best translation of an artist’s style they’ve ever done.

She comes with the base separate, and the body is all one piece, which is nice since I’m really picky about seam lines on my statues. Her pop gun is real cork and twine and can be displayed within the gun or hanging free. I work at a comic book store and unpacked both of these that we received. One of them did not sit flush on the base, had to be jimmied in and was incredibly hard to get out after that. The one I purchased was fine and didn’t have any problems fitting on or coming out of the peg holes. Her face is darling as all get out and she has a light dusting of pink over her cheeks and nose. The black part of her costume is shiny and the red part is matte which causes a really nice effect underneath lamplight. The base is larger than the Artgerm Covergirls bases, which I liked because the long skinny bases weren’t completely stable. There is an engraving of Joelle’s name in her own handwriting on the front of the base which is a really nice, personalized touch.

Overall, I’m in love with this statue. I never thought I would love a Harley Quinn statue as much as I love this one. There are so many little details that keep catching my eye as I look at her. Her pose is perfect for the character and has such a playful quality to it. Besides the fact that the pegs don’t sit flush on the base easily, I have nothing bad to say about this piece. Don’t believe me? See the pictures below!

DC Covergirls: Harley Quinn by Joelle Jones Review
DC Covergirls: Harley Quinn by Joelle Jones Review
Is it good?
This statue is one of the best DC Collectibles has put out in a while, and makes me very excited for the rest of the line!
Great paint application.
The pose is playful and dynamic.
The real cork and twine on the pop gun is adorable.
The pegs might have a hard time sitting flush on the base.

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