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Rick and Morty #36 Review

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Rick and Morty #36 Review

Jerry is having a no good, very bad day.

Jerry Smith is one of the funniest pathetic characters in all of television. He’s weak and isn’t afraid to show it. It’s why he works so well in the face of Rick, who always seems to know what to do. In the comic Jerry is much the same and he’s getting his own main story this week. Prepare to see him get beat up.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Kyle Starks and Marc Ellerby join forces to tell the story of Jerry’s very terrible, extremely bad, super sad day! Poor Jerry is having the worst of days — but it’s mostly his fault. How will he get bailed out this time? Plus: a new back-up comic story written by Josh Trujillo (Love is Love) and illustrated by Rii Abrego (Adventure Time)!

Why does this matter?

Dan Harmon recently said a fourth season of Rick and Morty has not been greenlit. That means this may be the ONLY way to get your Rick and Morty stories from now on. Best to start now.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Rick and Morty #36 Review
You know Jerry deserved this.

Jerry has very bad luck. It’s not good to have such bad luck when you’re also a dope. This issue opens with Starks and Ellerby’s story following Jerry on a quest to find the right weight of paper for his resume. Typical Jerry, focusing on the less important element of a thing. This leads him on a quest of getting his ass beat, being forced to strip for a police officer, and be party to a bank robbery. Oh Jerry, you dolt. Ellerby draws some wicked gore in this story as well as great depictions of Jerry. The guy has a face you want to punch and that’s thanks to Ellerby. The story escalates very well to the point where you root for Jerry just to make it out alive.

The backup story runs four pages long and reveals Rick’s barber is in fact a Rick with his own Morty. Writer Josh Trujillo focuses the humor of the story on barber Rick’s Morty who is a complete waste and a real weirdo. It seems like alternate Ricks always have defective Mortys. The story is a bit sad, but Rick’s complete uncaring demeanor with barber Rick and the entire process adds a nice level of humor. Artist Rii Abrego draws the characters in a unique sort of way that’s not unlike a Nickelodeon cartoon.
It’s similar to the show’s look, but a bit cleaner and more stylized.

Rick and Morty #36 Review
Bear traps are the real deal, yo!

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s a bold move to not have Rick or Morty in the main story, and it shows. Jerry can’t quite carry an entire story in part because it’s a one trick joke repeated over and over. The way the story ramps up is fun, but it’s also predictable and ends about as you’d expect. The backup meanwhile isn’t very funny and is more of a fun one off more than anything else. Overall the issue is good, but not great because it lacks the main characters, a wider range of humor, and there are no science fiction elements to speak of in the main story.

Is It Good?

If you like watching Jerry take his lumps you’ll love this issue.

Rick and Morty #36 Review
Rick and Morty #36
Is it good?
A funny issue, especially if you like seeing Jerry suffer.
It's fun to see Jerry's life spiral down into an ever more embarrassing situation
Ellerby nails the visual humor elements and Abrego brings an interesting slightly new take on the visuals
The Jerry story lacks sci-fi elements and the main characters reducing it to a more on off joke
The backup isn't that funny (more sad really)

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