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X-Men Blue #24 review

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X-Men Blue #24 review

Cry Havok continues in this week’s X-Men Blue #24.

When the most upsetting part of an X-Men Blue comic is an advertisement for the upcoming Venomized event, you know you’re reading a series that’s back on track!

If you’re a regular reader of my X-Men Blue reviews you know I was no fan of the Poison-X crossover. And, as I know how to use the internet, I’m aware that I wasn’t alone. But after my positive review of this series’ last issue, I want to reiterate that writer Cullen Bunn has gotten his X-Men groove back.

In “Cry Havok” part 2, there’s still no sign of the original X-Men, who will next appear in Venomized #1. This leaves Magneto, Polaris, Jimmy Hudson, Bloodstorm and the Raksha to carry on the good fight in the X-Men Blue corner of the Marvel Universe. And boy has it been busy over there, with all of the series’ main villains ready to unleash Mothervine on the world, giving mutants a significant evolutionary advantage.

The Magneto of yesteryear may have been all for this, but we’re dealing with modern Magneto and modern Magneto isn’t going to put up with Mothervine! This leads to a confrontation with Sebastian Shaw, who has gained a secondary mutation thanks to–you guessed it–Mothervine! It’s fun to see these two mutant powerhouses face off, and conclusion of the battle certainly reveals a new facet to… wait for it… Mothervine!X-Men Blue #24 reviewAt the same time, Jimmy and Bloodstorm intervene in a battle between Xorn and the Miss Sinister’s Marauders in which Bloodstorm dials up the whole vampire-Storm angle to 11. And finally, Polaris is overtaken by Malice (a version of the mutant from another reality… because X-Men Blue) and kicks some serious Raksha butt. Not a dull moment in this issue!

On the whole, X-Men Blue #24 is very much an action issue. But each of the three battles ends with a refreshing twist which keeps everything entertaining. The Polaris sequence is especially satisfying, as it allows for more character growth for Lorna. I truly hope Polaris gets more use should Bunn ever move on from the character. The writer has done excellent work evolving her over the course of this run, and while she’ll never be on Jean Grey’s level in terms of popularity, she deserves to be on major X-teams just as much as characters like Gambit, Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler.

And someone who deserves to continue drawing major X-teams is this issue’s artist, Jorge Molina. From the powered up Sebastian Shaw to the corrupted Polaris, Molina’s visuals are always a treat for the eyes. I’m looking forward to seeing him tackle the All-New, All-Different X-Men Blue squad in their new costumes next issue.

For a story arc named “Cry Havok,” there wasn’t nearly enough of Alex Summers in this issue, which was a bummer as he and Emma Frost’s scenes last issue were so enjoyable. But based on the end of this comic, Havok and Emma should get some more page time next month. Of course, I also wish the original X-Men could be along for the ride, but their absence certainly leaves me wondering where exactly this story is headed. Can’t really complain, though, as that kind of mystery is perfect for holding my attention.

X-Men Blue #24 review
X-Men Blue #24
Is it good?
This issue's all about the action--with enough twists to keep you turning the pages.
Lots of action in this one, but it's action that moves the story forward!
Speaking of moving forward, there's some nice Polaris character development.
And speaking of nice, everything looks very nice thanks to Jorge Molina's pencils!
Could have used a little more Havok and Emma Frost.
Jimmy and Bloodstorm are fine, but I sure do miss the original X-Men.

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