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The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 14 'Still Gotta Mean Something' Review


The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 14 ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’ Review

We’re right back to where we were with this show.

We’ve had two good episodes in a row. Could this one be the hat trick?

The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 14 'Still Gotta Mean Something' Review

Playing God and Possum

Remember when Simon killed all those Garbage People a while back? Well it turns out Jadis wasn’t kept alive to send some sort of message or anything. She just played dead.

Since then, however, she’d managed put her hair into a surprisingly stylish formation and kidnapped Negan. Of course, this led her to setting an overly complex zombie death for him, which he manages to counter by getting his hands on a gun and a flare. Jadis counters that by threatening to burn his bat, which we know isn’t possible since Rick proved a couple weeks ago that Lucille is fire-proof. Negan than shares that his bat is named after his deceased wife (which most of us already knew thanks to the comics and/or Wikipedia).

As if all that weren’t weird enough, a helicopter flies overhead just as Jadis is about to kill him. The flare goes out at the worst possible time, leaving Jadis to signal for the pilot, who somehow misses her as one of only two moving objects in a vast open space.

The chopper flies off and Jadis cries. She also tries to kill Negan, but decides to let him go. To Negan’s credit, he apologizes sincerely for what Simon did and asks Jadis to accompany him back to The Sanctuary. She refuses in favor sitting by herself in the middle of garbage heap and sulking.

Hunting Henry

Carol heads off to find Henry, who last week earned the hard-fought title of World’s Dumbest (Currently) Living Kid. Morgan joins her. After walking through the woods for a bit, Morgan sees Henry, but it turns out to be another one of those stupid illusions where someone yells at him about his contract switching soon from this show to Fear the Walking Dead.

Later, they come across a zombie with a stick poking through it. Since Henry must have owned the only other carved staff in the world besides Morgan, he automatically assumes Henry is dead and goes off to kill him some Saviors. Carol decides to keep looking.

The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 14 'Still Gotta Mean Something' Review

Getting Grimey

Before we get into the Rick portion of this story, there’s a really stupid scene with Dwight and Tara where she talks about how they should trust Dwight and Daryl keeps insisting they should kill him. Nevermind that Tara is clearly okay due to Dwight shooting her with a clean arrow.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that’s why Daryl wants to kill Dwight. Maybe he’s just as disappointed as I am that Tara’s still alive/on this show.

But I digress…

Despite Michonne’s urgings, Rick refuses to read Carl’s plot-altering final letter to him. Instead, he finds Alden (the good Savior prisoner) and gets a lead on where the escaped prisoners may have gone. Alden asks Rick if he can keep the killing to a minimum, which all but guarantees massive amounts of bloodshed is coming up.

Later, Rick subconsciously turns on his Main Character Homing Beacon, which causes him and Morgan to find each other and decide they’ll partner up to kill the prisoners. After finding some random body parts, they are captured by their targets…which you pretty much had to expect to happen once Rick Grimes got involved.

The Saviors bring them back to their temporary hideout–where we learn that many of them are sick (hence the lost appendages to prevent zombification)–and debate what to do. Jared of course wants to kill everyone, but some of the Saviors actually seem to be considering humanity as a viable option. Morgan says a bunch of dumb stuff about how he can’t die (because of his show contract) and Rick offered to give everyone a second chance. Jared calls BS on the offer just as a herd of walkers breaks through. The pro-humanity Saviors free Rick and Morgan to help them. In fact, one even manages to save Rick’s life. Unfortunately for them, Rick and Morgan immediately turn on their new friends and murder them all.

It’s actually pretty terrible to watch…except for Jared, who Morgan manages to kill to by holding him against a gate and watching him get chewed up by zombies. That death was both well-deserved and all types of savage.

Shaky Reunion

Carol finds Henry inside of a random tree (of course) and saves him from a group of walkers (OF COURSE). After she gets Henry back to the Hilltop, Rick and Morgan show up. Morgan tells Henry he killed the dude who killed his brother. Unfortunately, Henry is terrible and acts like Morgan just told him he has cancer.

Later, Rick finally reads Carl’s note and finally realizes what a colossal a-----e he’s been the last few episodes.

Meanwhile, Negan picks up someone on the road who we don’t see, but it almost definitely going to be Laura. He then arrives back at The Sanctuary ready to make some people poop their pants.

The Verdict

  • The Negan and Jadis storyline ended up being pretty much pointless (although I do like Jadis’ new hairstyle). Also, the helicopter thing still makes absolutely no sense.
  • Tara and Daryl and have officially switched stupid viewpoints with each other.
  • Henry is terrible. Not only does he get lost in the woods, but he goes from a kid ready to avenge his brother by mowing down a bunch of prisoners to disapproving of Morgan ACTUALLY KILLING THE RIGHT PERSON.
  • It’s not easy making the Saviors seem sympathetic, but Rick Grimes and his idiotic blood lust managed to do it. Bravo.
  • Crazy Morgan has gone from tragic and scary to repetitive and predictable.

I knew it was too good to be true. We’re right back to where we were with this show. Dangling plot threads, stupid character moments, and a kid who the writers want us to care about, but everyone wishes would just die.

At least we got to see Jared get gruesomely killed, though.

The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 14 'Still Gotta Mean Something' Review
The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 14 'Still Gotta Mean Something'
Is it good?
After two good episodes, we're back to dangling plot threads, stupid character moments, and a kid everyone hates.
Jared's death is well-deserved and all types of awesome.
Jadis' new hairdo is a significant upgrade from the bowl cut.
Henry is so terrible he actually makes me miss Carl.
Rick somehow manages to become even more unlikable.
Although it was well-acted, the Negan/Jadis storyline ends up being pointless.

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