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Wisecracking Spider-Man is back.

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Free Comic Book Day 2018: Amazing Spider-Man/Infinity Watch Review

Wisecracking Spider-Man is back.

It’s that special time of year where whether it’s rain, shine, or even if you were just there a few days ago you have to get to your comic store; that’s because it’s free comic book day! I walked myself to the Comicazi comic shop in Davis Square, Boston and nabbed the highly anticipated first appearance of Spider-Man written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Ryan Ottley. I was not disappointed.

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So what’s it about?

Check out a first look of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s Amazing Spider-Man which officially launches in July. Plus, this book offers a recap/overview of how Gerry Duggan has crafted everything that led up to Infinity Countdown.

Why does this matter?

This is the return of Spider-Man the jokester and the integration of the Superior Foes into Spidey’s life. It’s not only very funny, but gives readers a taste of the new dynamic that’ll complicate Peter Parker’s life when the series launches in July.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Wisecracking Spider-Man is back.

Ottley is the perfect artist for this.

This is a 10 page story giving readers a snapshot of a typical afternoon with Spider-Man. Nick Spencer opens the issue with Peter apartment hunting only to be thrown off his rental-game due to Boomerang, Rhino, Electrellina, and Big Wheel in the middle of a robbery. I was rather shocked at how humorous the book was, so much so I’m curious if Spencer can sustain the one-liners and jokes when the series officially starts. There are tons of jokes referencing X-Men, TV shows, and pop culture. Aside from a Letterman joke most readers will get the humor, which is worth a few chuckles at least. The story also wraps up with a great cliffhanger that should make fans of Superior Foes very happy. There is also a new character dynamic introduced in regards to Peter’s roommate that’ll mix things up well moving forward.

The art by Ottley is fantastic, with nearly everything you’d want to see popping up in the issue. You’ve got crazy agility panels, lots of webs shooting off, and good street clothed Peter Parker moments working well. Fans of Invincible will recognize the style and it works well with Spider-Man due to his energy and the vitality Ottley brings to his work.

There’s also a Infinity guide that runs 10 or so pages detailing the recent adventures of the Guardians in the Galaxy by Gerry Duggan. This is a good outline of what has happened before and how we got here which should catch folks up for Infinity Countdown.

Wisecracking Spider-Man is back.

Big Wheel is such a ridiculous villain.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is a free comic book day comic so really it’s a 10 no matter what. If I was being nitpicky I might complain Kingpin is mayor again even though in Daredevil he’s currently on death’s door. Spoilers guys!

Is It Good?

Spider-Man has always been funny and Dan Slott has certainly shown that motormouth side of him (while Zdarsky’s latest run plays that up too), but it’s clear Nick Spencer is ramping up the jokes to 11. That’s a breath of fresh air for readers who love how funny the character can be and based on this free comic book day story be ready to laugh your ass off this summer.

Amazing Spider-Man/Infinity Watch Free Comic Book Day
Is it good?
A great 10 page story with lots of laughs and a good sense of what this series will be about.
Nick Spencer's script is hilarious with joke after joke revealing a different Spidey from the recent norm
Ottley shows off everything you'd want to see to confirm he's the man for the job
The new character dynamics are going to be wickedly fun when this comes out in July
The Infinity guide is actually hugely helpful if you haven't been reading Duggan's recent Guardians work
Wait, did this book spoil Kingpin's story in Daredevil?

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