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Predicting Scott Snyder's upcoming announcement

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Predicting Scott Snyder’s upcoming announcement

Scott Snyder is “excited to announce some stuff soon.” What could it be?

DC Comics veteran and current Justice League scribe Scott Snyder apparently isn’t finished with the main stage at DC Comics. Last year, Snyder started the Dark Nights: Metal event, that led to May’s No Justice mini-series. Now Snyder is rebooting the Justice League with a squad based on the team from the Justice League cartoon series.

Right now, the only other book Snyder has on shelves is New Challengers of the New Age of DC Heroes line. But based on tweet from Snyder posted Thursday night, he’s about to announce another big project.

So what’s the big announcement? A fourth Justice League team? A new ongoing Batman series? Or a release date with more details for Batman: Last Knight, the elseworld story Snyder is writing with artist Greg Capullo for the upcoming DC Black Label imprint?

Here are a few other possibilities that I have in mind for Snyder’s eventual announcement.

Ongoing series for The Signal

Predicting Scott Snyder's upcoming announcement

One of Snyder’s best contributions to the Batman mythos is Duke Thomas — the super-powered and incredibly smart teenager first appeared as a minor character in the Zero Year story arc. He later appeared in the Endgame arc where his parents were infected with Joker’s toxin that made them lose their minds. That led to Thomas joining the Robins in We Are Robin but he later left the team and joined Batman officially.

Which brings us to Batman: Rebirth where we see that Thomas and Batman begin to figure out what his role in the Bat-Family is. Snyder picked up that torch with backup stories in All-Star Batman. But Snyder finally revealed that Thomas is a meta-human in Dark Days: The Casting.

We last saw Thomas in the (way too short) three-issue miniseries Batman and the Signal where he finally finds his place in the family as Batman’s agent of the afternoon. Basically, he’s the first shift vigilante for Gotham City.

That series wrapped up in April so it’s been a while since readers saw The Signal in action. Being Snyder’s creation, you’d guess that Snyder would be the one to give The Signal his first ongoing series.

Thomas is a popular character that has already carried three issues on his own. It’s time that he headlined his own series.

Snyder taking over Detective Comics

Snyder’s six-year run on Batman is one of the best in the character’s history and is a textbook example of how you start a reboot. With his New 52 Batman run, it was clear that Snyder graduated from the “Geoff Johns school of making every story arc feel like an event.”

But in many ways, Snyder’s Batman run never ended. When Rebirth began, Snyder began writing All-Star Batman. That book ended when Metal began, and Batman was at the center of that story. Metal actually evolved from some ideas Snyder had during his time on Batman. Then of course he wrote Batman and the Signal and now writes Justice League, which Batman is a key member of.

Point is, Snyder is known for Batman and he is darn good when it comes to writing about him. Batman is also quickly approaching a milestone issue with Detective Comics #1000 set to come out in March. The 13th of March to be exact. So who better to take over Detective Comics through this enormous milestone than Snyder?

However, Snyder did mention back in March that Batman: Last Knight would be his final Batman story. But DC has yet to reveal the release date for that title. So it might start and end late enough for Snyder to fit in a milestone run on Detective Comics.

A “The Killing Zone” ongoing series

Predicting Scott Snyder's upcoming announcement

Last month, DC announced that Geoff Johns is stepping down from his post as Chief Creative Officer and president of DC Entertainment. With that announcement came news of Johns writing an ongoing series for Shazam and a miniseries focusing on the Three Jokers.

That news also came with the announcing of a new imprint at DC known as “The Killing Zone,” which will focus on lesser known characters. Johns can’t write books for the entire imprint, so other writers will have to join him. Snyder would definitely be a good choice for the imprint.

If Snyder is going to write a book for “The Killing Zone,” who will the book be about? Talon (Calvin Rose) is a possibility. The character’s roots are in Snyder’s Court of Owls arc so there is a connection.

Since becoming a major player at DC back in 2011, Snyder hasn’t spent too much time with DC’s seldom used characters — most of his time has been spent with Batman, and he also wrote the nine-issue mini Superman Unchained. So guessing who he will write about in Johns’ new imprint is difficult.

It’s made even more difficult by the expansive list of DC heroes that haven’t received much attention in years. A few heroes haven’t been seen since Flashpoint; Red Tornado is the first to come to mind. Others have only been seen in rare instances like the Elongated Man.

Whatever Snyder announces, it’s sure to get the comic world buzzing again. DC has managed to stay in the headlines for all the right reasons since Rebirth began in 2016. Business really picked up with Snyder’s Metal event last year and that momentum carried through No Justice.

Johns’ “The Killing Zone” and “Three Jokers” along with Tom King’s “Heroes in Crisis” already have fans excited for the last quarter of 2018. What could Snyder possibly announce that could live up to the books DC revealed last month? I guess he’ll tell us when he’s ready.

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