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Every page is vibrant and eye-catching.

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‘Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma’ review

Every page is vibrant and eye-catching.

Marvel’s Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma hits comic book stores this week. It’s a deluxe hardcover collector’s edition of a four-part story explaining what happened to Captain Phasma after she was forced how to deactivate the defensive shields on Starkiller base at gunpoint by Han Solo and Finn, and subsequently thrown down a garbage chute.

After escaping the garbage area, Phasma makes her way to a security terminal where she deletes all records of her deactivating the shields resulting in the destruction of Starkiller base. Upon deleting the records she discovers that they were accessed by a Lieutenant Sol Rivas. Phasma records a log framing Revis as the traitor, and takes chase. Reavis makes his way to a TIE fighter and escapes Starkiller base with Phasma not far behind. She takes a TIE fighter pilot and its BB unit with her in another TIE fighter as Starkiller base explodes. They follow the lieutenant to a newly discovered and unstable planet named Luprora, where they discover the abandoned TIE fighter empty of its fuel and some signs of a struggle. Phasma and the TIE fighter pilot, designated TN 3469, find a small hut and a change of clothes on the outskirts of a village. They put on the new clothes as disguises and make their way to the village.

Every page is vibrant and eye-catching.

This four-part collection is written extremely well. Kelly Thompson does a wonderful job of telling a story that really develops the character of Captain Phasma well beyond anything in the films. It gives her a bit of a backstory and also shows exactly what she will do to cover up her traitorous actions. The dynamic between her and Pilot is very well written and at times she feels like a hero, rallying the settlers to defend themselves against the indigenous creatures of the planet. Thompson also captures Phasma’s cruel and vicious nature as well. Phasma feels like more than just a badass Captain in some really killer armor. Thompson gives her great depth and dimension while giving the reader a little bit of a hint as to why she is the way that she is.

The artwork on this collection is mind-blowingly good. The pairing of Marco Checchetto’s artwork and Andres Mossa’s coloring is pure genius once again. The amazing action and detail in this series is cinematic in scale. Phasma looks like a badass and the scenery and the action leap right off of every page. Mossa does such a good job with the coloring. Every page is vibrant, eye catching, and the colors lend such an excitement to the already action packed artwork.

This is a wonderful collector’s edition. It is printed on high-quality paper with a beautiful hardcover presentation. The back of the book is chock-full of amazing cover art variants by an array of brilliant artists. This is a must-have for any Star Wars collection — especially any fans of Captain Phasma.

Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma
Is it good?
Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma Collection is a great addition to any Star Wars comic book collection. It has a great story and exciting vibrant artwork that explodes off every page.
Masterful storytelling that takes us to a new unstable world full of fantastic creatures and characters
Deeper story and understanding of the character of Captain Phasma
Exciting colorful artwork that is not only action-packed but beautiful to look at
While there are hints to Phasma's past, they feel thrown in for no real reason or explanation
At a $24.99 this mirror for part collection feels a little thin for the price. That being said it is presented on high-quality paper with a wonderful hardcover binding
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