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A night of milestones and surprises at the fifth annual SDCC Her Universe fashion show


A night of milestones and surprises at the fifth annual SDCC Her Universe fashion show

This year’s fashion show included a 40 pound dress made out of Funko Pops.

This is the fifth year that Ashley Eckstein has brought the Her Universe fashion show to San Diego Comic Con. Presented by of course, Her Universe, Hot Topic and Lounge Fly. This year’s theme, Milestones, will celebrate a few different anniversaries: the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, 20th anniversary of the Power Puff Girls, 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and of course the 5th anniversary of the Her Universe Fashion Show!

There was an energetic crowd patiently waiting in line and passing the time with staff games and giveaways. I chatted with one young woman who claimed to have “landed” at the front of the line at 1:30 PM (the show started at 6pm). Before the show, I chatted with designer Carina Langley Lacey’s mother and grandmother who told me Carina had created each family member an article of clothing with her Tardis print. Now that’s some family support. Carina closed out the show with her exploding Tardis dress.

Tunes were jamming and the energy level was high as the judges Lindsay Orndorff, Grave Duval Johnston, Rose Ivy Wallace, Olivia Mears, Joanna Font-Sohn, Todd Keller and Cindy Levitt took their seats. This year’s designers featured couture inspired by Black Panther, Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teen Titans, Tangled, Space Mountain, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pocahontas, WALL-E, Star Wars, Coco, The Shape of Water and Aliens to name a few. Ashley opened the show in a 40 pound dress made of 500 Jack Skellington Funko Pop heads.

A night of milestones and surprises at the fifth annual SDCC Her Universe fashion show

We heard from each of the designers about why geek couture and Her Universe is so important. The sentiment that kept resonating was that geek couture allows them to take their love of fandom outside of cosplay and into the real word. Who doesn’t love a “little extra weird and glitter” in their lives?

A special guest strutted her stuff head down with an oversized hood. The audience erupted when Jodie Whittaker lifted her hood and stuck a pose. The thirteenth doctor talked about how she designed her costume so that everyone could wear it. “You’re not dressing as a boy; you’re not dressing as a girl, you’re dressing as the Doctor.”

I was blown away by the craftsmanship in each dress, pant suit and ensemble. Hand crocheting, painted and dyed fabrics and outstanding creativity strutted the catwalk. Alas, there could only be three winners:

Judges Award Winner: Shape Of Water by Cynthia Kirkland
The Singer Sewing Award Winner: Howl’s Moving Castle by Jane Burson
Audience Winner: Ripley in the Powerloader based on Aliens by Kristi Siedow-Thompson

See my full gallery below.

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