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X-Men Gold Annual #2 Review

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X-Men Gold Annual #2 Review

A good annual, especially if you like Kitty Pryde.

Kitty Pryde is going to summer camp which means sun, fun, and first kisses! Yes, this issue is a bit of a tease after she left Colossus at the altar, but it’s a good reminder of why we love this character. This is a blast from the past issue when Kitty was only 14 years old.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This annual is an easy jumping on point if you’re an lapsed X-Men fan since it requires you know zero continuity to enjoy. This issue also delves into the concept of prejudice especially at a younger age.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

X-Men Gold Annual #2 Review

Summer camp, an American thing for sure.

This is a feel good sort of story exploring Kitty at a younger age before she’s fully come to grips with the notion of being a mutant. She’s trying to hide the fact from her longtime summer camp friends for fear of being judged or even shunned. It’s a relatable story since we’ve all gone through those awkward teenage years and we’ve also all had something we thought we had to hide. Much like summer camp, the story jumps around a bit, sometimes almost in a blur, and comes around with a feel good message.

Seanan McGuire writes very believable and well crafted dialogue. The characters sound natural and it’s never in overabundance. There’s also a great idea using Kitty’s powers in a scene to get back at some bullies that is quite inspired. The story wraps up in a somewhat heartbreaking but meaningful way as McGuire doesn’t let us forget sometimes a win is still a loss. Kitty must make things right, but she’s not yet completely comfortable with herself to do so in the best of ways.

Drawn by Marco Failla with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, this issue has a bubbly look and feel. There are no superhero battles or costumes — just kids in regular clothes running around the woods. It does the job.

X-Men Gold Annual #2 Review

Best friends!

It can’t be perfect can it?

This annual suffers a bit from what many annuals suffer from, which is elongating a story that probably didn’t need to be extra sized. The pace is a bit slow and without any big superhero moments doesn’t seem to stretch its legs much, leaving you with a good human story, but nothing that’ll blow you away. I also had a bit of an issue with how a character reacts to kissing Kitty. Let’s just say they’re getting way ahead of themselves!

Is it good?

A good annual, especially if you like Kitty Pryde. Overall the story tackles important issues about prejudice and understanding one another, which is a core element that makes the best X-Men comics great.

X-Men Gold Annual #2 Review
X-Men Gold Annual #2
Is it good?
A good issue that hits the hallmarks of what makes X-Men comics so heartfelt.
Makes strong points about teen awkwardness, prejudice, and growing up
The art suits the story
The pace is a bit slow and at one point a character reacts in a way that is silly at best

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