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'Marvel Legacy' review: The best comic book preview ever

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‘Marvel Legacy’ review: The best comic book preview ever

Collecting a story that is nearly a year old, this collection serves as a great guide to where we are in the Marvel Universe right now.

Marvel Legacy was an extra-sized single issue read that came out in September 2017. It promised to show where the biggest characters were going in a few months’ time. It also promised new beginnings and a fresh start, getting their stories back to basics. It was an exciting endeavor that may not have worked for everyone, but it was an impressive risk they were taking at the same time. Regardless of how you felt, it was a moment in comics where everyone was paying attention. However, Legacy‘s vision is only just now becoming a reality in their monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) releases. The Avengers from 1 billion B.C., for instance, have popped up here and there but haven’t gotten the attention some might want. Deadpool has managed to get three issues into his “fresh start” after forgetting everything. It may have taken a year to get things started, but Marvel Comics put out one of the most tantalizing previews with Marvel Legacy ever.

The story in Marvel Legacy that everyone was talking about is the appearance of Logan — the 616 version we all know and love, not the Old Man Logan who has had a rather long-running series up to this point. Whatever is happening in Infinity Wars we have to assume he’s coming back soon since it involves the Infinity Stones, and Marvel Legaacy reveals he has one. Or had one. According to Charles Soule Wolverine is still dead, even though there are a few miniseries sporting the title “Hunt for Wolverine“.

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'Marvel Legacy' review: The best comic book preview ever

The panel that got everyone excited. Art by Asad Ribic.

The second biggest reveal was a hint that the Fantastic Four will make their return. Given Fantastic Four #1 is out this week, I’d say the release of this trade paperback is well timed. In Marvel Legacy we got a taste of what Chip Zdarsky was going to be doing in Marvel Two-In-One (Thing and Human Torch on a mission to find their family) and then a quick tease that Reed and Sue are in fact still alive. We’ll see soon enough if this tease was a solid detail or a misdirect.

Elements that have already come and gone are how Captain America is being used (he’s more of a drifter now) and the new approach to Ghost Rider (who has way more power). Loki’s attempt at smiting all the Earthlings is also well underway in Avengers and there’s a hint at Gamora’s role too. It’s quite interesting to read this knowing it came out nearly a year ago and yet the plan is still relatively intact.

This collection also has every backup that Robbie Thompson wrote across nearly every Marvel Comics title. These backups serve as an introduction to the characters and are quite lean and efficient. When they were printed in each book it was a bit odd since you’d think people who purchase a comic book will have some understanding of the characters. They did serve as nice reminders of the characters though, and got to the core of their purpose and direction. Collected here in one big batch, it serves as a great starter pack for new readers.

This collection is quite close to where we’re at now in the Marvel Universe and considering C.B. Cebulski came on a few months after this book released it’s a surprise most of the hints and teases in this work are taking place (or have already taken place). Starbrand, who gets a good amount of time in this collection, hasn’t made a dent yet in Avengers or elsewhere, so maybe that has been abandoned. Or maybe we simply need to wait. Either way, it’s a fascinating read if you’re at all interested in how Marvel Comics plots their stories in advance. If it’s any indication, they stick to their guns.

Marvel Legacy Trade Paperback Edition
Is it good?
A good read that's interesting to reflect back on.
Fascinating to see how these stories panned out (or have yet to fully realize) a year later
Asad Ribic's art is exceptional
The backups are an interesting read in one sitting as they serve as a great primer on all the characters
With some of the stories hinted at already in full gear this read is dated
If you're familiar with the Marvel characters the backups may not give you much

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