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Sharp Objects Episode 7 'Falling' Review: All in the family


Sharp Objects Episode 7 ‘Falling’ Review: All in the family

The mystery is beginning to wrap up, but do we want to hear the answers?

Warning! Spoilers for Sharp Objects below!

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The story so far: Amma takes Camille for a night on the town in order to get to know her better. During the course of their drug fueled night, she lets her older half sister know many of the things she does are cries for help. There seems to have been a break in the murder of the two young girls. Meanwhile, Detective Willis tries to learn more about the secretive Camille.

Throughout the season, Sharp Objects has taken viewers on a roller coaster ride of feelings. Discomfort, tension, fear, and disgust have all been a part of the show’s tone. The few moments of levity have been dark and more pitiful than funny.

‘Falling’ introduces the audience to sheer terror. The episode goes back to the slower structure it has followed. Ironically, it also the most chaotic of the season as the show constantly switches between many characters and flashbacks. Sharp Objects does not allow the viewer to look away for even one second as the entire episode is a series of revelations and confessions.Sharp Objects Episode 7 'Falling' Review: All in the familyAmy Adams gives her strongest performance of the season in this episode. It has been clear during the entire run of the show that Camille is a strong character. She is also a very troubled person who can break at any moment. ‘Falling’ shows both extremes and in Camille’s moments of weakness are some of the best and saddest moments of the entire season.

Sharp Objects has continually hinted that one thing in Camille’s life set her on a path of self harm and alcoholism. It seemed obvious that an incident involving the football team was the life changing event. In an excellent piece of writing, ‘Falling’ subtly lets its audience know that something else in Camille’s life has been the source of her problems. Her touching moments with John Keene explain much about her. To accentuate the point,  Detective Willis lets her know what he has discovered before bluntly telling Camille his opinion of her.

Patricia Clarkson gives her usual powerhouse performance as Adora. As the story heads toward its finale, every action she has taken over the course of the past seven episodes take on a new light. Adora has always been a commanding presence, but now it is hard not to pity her.

Sharp Objects Episode 7 'Falling' Review: All in the family

The writing has been strong during the course of the entire season, but the methodical pacing and strong acting have almost moved it to the background. Saying it is “engaging” or “atmospheric” seemed like it was enough. The brilliance of the writing really shines though in ‘Falling.’ After six episodes of building the town of Wind Gap and its people, things are starting to come into focus. This episode made it clear everything that has happened up until now meant something to the entire show. The writing led to a serious of “a-ha” moments that make the viewer feel like they are discovering things as the characters do. This is a wonderful job of not holding the audience’s hand or frustrating them.

As Sharp Objects heads into its final episode, it appears it is taking on a new identity. Previously, it was a murder mystery with a great characters and unsettling atmosphere. It appears the finale will be more along the lines of psychological horror.

Sharp Objects Ep. 7 'Falling'
Is it good?
Sharp Objects has spent the entire season treating its audience to an unsettling, tense, and disturbing story. The payoffs have been amazing.
Top notch writing that has made everything feel important
Amy Adams in a devastatingly great performance
While keeping the same overall tone, still manages to introduce new feelings
Chaotic nature of the episode makes it a little difficult to follow

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