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Deadpool Assassin #6 review: A fitting ending for a strong mini series

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Deadpool Assassin #6 review: A fitting ending for a strong mini series

Deadpool: Assassin concludes this week with yet another fun, funny, and exciting issue.

Even before 2016’s Deadpool shattered box office records and slung the crimson criminal to super stardom,  Marvel has always seemingly done everything possible to pump out as much Deadpool content as humanly possible- for better and for worse. This leads to over-saturation, confusing continuity, and a dilution of the brand. More often than not, the auxiliary Deadpool books paled in comparison to the ongoing main title, feeling unnecessary and utterly forgetful. Luckily for writer Cullen Bunn and writer Mark Bagley, this is definitely not the case for Deadpool Assassin– in fact, this series blows the current Deadpool series out of the water. All good things must come to an end though, and Deadpool Assassin #6 concludes the series in a way that exemplifies everything this series has been- bloody, fun, and hysterical.

Deadpool Assassin #6 is not groundbreaking nor breathtaking, but it’s an engaging, well-paced, and hilarious read throughout. As has been the case with the entire series, Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagley work so well together to present the story. The dialogue is as irreverent and comical as Deadpool dialogue should be, and the visual are crisp, clean, and perfect for a Deadpool story.

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Deadpool Assassin #6 review: A fitting ending for a strong mini series

This issue is probably the least funny of the miniseries, but that’s not a bad thing when every issue has been laugh out loud funny throughout. It’s like being the dumbest kid at Harvard- sure, you’re not the best, but you’re still better than almost everyone else. Wade’s constant quips and extremely obscure references had me giggling damn near every page. The humor is perfect for a Wade Wilson adventure too, changing from irreverent fourth wall breaks to non-sensical back and forths with super-villains that point out just how absurd the story’s conclusion is.

And, believe me, it’s pretty absurd- and by absurd, I mean dark as all hell. It involves feeding the soul of an unborn child in order to sustain the life of a demonic mutant-baby who feeds on death. Oh, and the aforemention unborn child, belongs to DP’s best friend/arms-dealer Weasel, who died in Deadpool’s arms. So yeah, it’s pretty goddamn dark. That being said, I was too busy laughing at Deadpool’s jokes to notice how f----d up the story was. It was only after a second reading that I realized there was sinister story at play underneath the mercenary hijinks. In a weird way, it’s a testament to Bunn’s ability to craft witty dialogue that the heavy subject matter of the story doesn’t bog the reader down.


Deadpool Assassin #6 review: A fitting ending for a strong mini series

One big complaint I did have, however, is how casual Weasel’s death feels. It was a dramatic moment in #5 when Weasel was fatally wounded, yet in this conclusion it feels completely glossed over. I understand that Weasel is a largely obscure character in the greater Marvel Universe, but I’d expect Deadpool to be a lot more torn up out about the unexpected death of his best friend than what plays out in this issue. Deadpool just shrugs off Weasel’s death and it just doesn’t feel right.

I am sad to see Deadpool Assassin go- I’d genuinely hoped Marvel would extend this to a maxi-series or even make it an ongoing run. Cullen Bunn flexed his mastery over the Merc with a Mouth throughout this series and I really hope he writes another Deadpool story again in the near future. Regardless, Deadpool Assassin #6 is a strong and fitting end for a series that was everything a Deadpool story should be- violent, funny, and a great f----n’ time.

Deadpool Assassin #6 review: A fitting ending for a strong mini series
Deadpool: Assassin #6
Is it good?
Deadpool Assassin #6 closes this series out with an issue that exemplifies why this series was so enjoyable all along. It's an exciting, action-packed, and hilarious Deadpool adventure that is surprisingly and unexpectedly dark.
Cullen Bunn really knows how to write witty, irreverent dialogue that fits Deadpool perfectly. Readers will at the very least giggle on every page.
The art is crisp, clean, and gorgeous throughout.
The story is surprisingly and subtly dark, but not so much that it over powers the comedic dialogue.
Wade seems strangely and uncharacteristically nonchalant about Weasel's death
This book is definitely funny, but it's the least funny issue of the series.

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