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X-Men Blue #34 review

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X-Men Blue #34 review

The week’s coolest ending awaits readers of X-Men Blue #34.

Even though I’ve only read two new comics this week (as of this writing), I’m already calling it–X-Men Blue #34 has the best ending of any book on the shelves this week. Take note, Magneto fans, because this is one everybody will be talking about.

But more on that–and some semi-spoilers–in a few paragraphs. First, you’re wondering how we got to that chilling ending, brought to you by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Marcus To. In the second part of “Surviving the Experience,” we pick up where we left off… 19 years in the future. You see, during the big Mothervine battle a few issues back, Magneto escaped to a bleak future (of course it’s bleak, it’s the X-Men) where he ran into who else but his former students–the remaining members of the Blue squad.

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They weren’t happy to see him.

But while an older Jean Grey and the gang have nothing but disdain for their former teacher and all the carnage he eventually unleashed on the world, a rag-tag group of mutants (including Nightcrawler’s young daughter… maybe?) worship the master of magnetism.

“He did what no one else could do. He did what no one else would do,” the young mutant tells the future X-Men.

X-Men Blue #34 review

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

While on the whole, this issue may seem like a pretty straightforward Magneto-X-Men story, there’s a lot going on here behind that metal helmet. You can see Magneto, at his post-Mothervine low point, taking in everything happening around him. The wheels inside his tragically complex mind are turning and it won’t be long before he has yet another new purpose in a long life centered around a constantly evolving worldview.

Of course, I’m not saying anything shocking here. Anybody who’s been following Bunn’s X-Men work the past few years knows that the writer clearly has a lot to say about Magneto. And whether there are future Magneto stories in Bunn’s future, there’s no denying he’s left his mark on one of Marvel’s greatest characters.

Also leaving his mark–To, via some sure-to-be-iconic Magneto visuals. I mean, if these images don’t join the pantheon of great X-images, you’ll at least see them in the days ahead on comic book websites and Twitter. Especially that awesome final page, which just stirred up so many emotions I really wasn’t expecting to feel!

OK, OK, let’s just jump into those semi-spoilers…

X-Men Blue #34 review

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

“Semi” because I don’t want to rob Bunn and To of the great ending to their Magneto story arc. Seriously, those looking for real spoilers will just have to go to another comic book website. You know, one that cares more about getting your clicks than whether you actually have a meaningful reading experience (sorry, readers, Magneto just puts me in a militant mood).

What I will say is… you’ll finish this comic knowing exactly where Magneto is heading as a character, most likely in October’s X-Men Black one-shot. Personally, I’m excited. But I’m sure some fans will be disappointed. But hey, it wouldn’t be comics if half of all readers weren’t furious.

While the X-Men film series has pretty much been a series of ups and downs, one of its greatest moments, in my opinion, was the final scene in X-Men: First Class, when Emma Frost–and the audience–meets the true Magneto (hopefully that’s not a spoiler). But that moment had me on the edge of my seat, pumped for what comes next. That’s all you can ask for from serial storytelling and, hopefully, you’ll feel the same way I did when you meet the true (…for now) Magneto at the end of X-Men Blue #34.

X-Men Blue #34 review
X-Men Blue #34
Is it good?
Cullen Bunn caps off years of excellent Magneto storytelling by defining the master of magnetism's future for years to come.
The future of the X-Men starts here with this issue's terrific ending.
Cullen Bunn wraps up years of Magneto stories on a high note.
Marcus To has created some truly iconic images of the master of magnetism.
The final pages of this issue really overshadow the earlier future X-Men scenes.

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