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Dark Ark #10 Review

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Dark Ark #10 Review

This issue is pivotal and sets the tone for the final act when the journey of the Dark Ark is completed.

Dark Ark #10 is out this week and it is not one to miss if you’re collecting this amazing series from Aftershock Comics.

This issue starts out deep under the flood waters where Shrae has come upon a sunken civilization filled with undead humans. These poor creatures flock to Shrae, sensing his life force, but soon discover that he is more than human. They ask why God has forsaken them and the sorcerer explains to them that God has flooded the Earth to cleanse it of evil, but that he has built an ark to save the monsters of the Earth.

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Meanwhile, back on the deck of the Dark Ark, the monsters have burst through and gathered all of Shrae’s brood to offer them up to their mother Echidna as a sacrifice. There is a bit of debate over which human should be sacrificed first and it is decided that Janris is the one due to her innocence. As a winged monster carries Janris up to be devoured, the manticore Kruul swoops in, claiming that Janris was promised to him by Shrae to do with as he pleases, and that she will not be a sacrifice. Echidna laughs at the brazen beast, and grabs him by one of her tentacles meaning to devour him as well. Suddenly the dark sorcerer’s voice booms through the air, telling the ancient creature to bother his ark no more as well as Noah’s. The Godmother seems amused, ridiculing Shrae until she realizes that there is blood in the water and it is her own. Wave upon wave of undead humans, turned ghouls by the flood, climb on top of giant sea beast devouring her until she is no more and they float lifelessly gorged on her flesh. Kruul then swoops down and picks Shrae up out of the ocean setting him down upon the ark where the sorcerer regains control and order of his vessel. As promised Janris is given over to Kruul, where the manticore does something unexpected changing the young girls fate forever.

The issue ends with the dark sorcerer telling the monsters to eat the flesh of the ghouls that he has used and tricked into killing Echidna. Shrae explains to them that it should carry them through the rest of the journey as he notices that the rains have stopped.

Dark Ark #10 Review

The artwork on this issue is awesome. As Echidna rises up out of the water beside the Dark Ark to survey her sacrifices and her children, we get to see her in her full glory. Juan Doe does a magnificent job of capturing the grotesque majesty befitting the mother of all monsters. The creature looks absolutely horrifying, covered in tentacles and teeth. The action scenes are also masterfully done. The scene where Kruul flies in to rescue Janris and is captured by Echidna is particularly action-packed. Doe’s images leap from the page bringing the reader to the edge wondering what will happen next. As usual his use of color only complements and accentuates his wonderful artwork.

The story in this issue and in this series continues to surprise and amaze around every corner. Cullen Bunn has such a brilliant way of giving the reader what they want and then flipping things on its ear to shock and enticed them in even further to this incredible story. In this issue we get the resolution of the situation with Echidna. We also get a solution to the food problem that has plagued the Dark Ark since it set out upon its journey. As usual, although there is resolution, Bunn also throws us a little curve at the end with Shrae noticing that the rain has stopped. What will happen next? Will they find dry land, and if so what does fate hold in store for the Dark Ark? I for one can’t wait to find out.

Is it good?

Dark Ark #10 is a must-have for any reader of this mind blowing series by Aftershock. This issue is pivotal and sets the tone for the final act when the journey of the Dark Ark is completed.

Dark Ark #10 Review
Dark Ark #10
Is it good?
Dark Ark #10 is amazing! The story is great and it wraps up a few details that have been carried through this entire series. The artwork is magnificent, the action is thrilling and the images are terrifying and beautiful to behold.
The final showdown with Echidna
We finally learned what Kruul has in store for Jamris
Breathtaking artwork and eye-popping action.
Masterfully crafted story that leaves you wanting more.
Although it is nice to have resolution, it does feel like a few loose ends were wrapped up rather conveniently.

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