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AiPT!'s Uncanny X-Month Primer


AiPT!’s Uncanny X-Month Primer

Revisit our past X-Men interviews and articles ahead of November’s Uncanny X-Month!

This November, Marvel Comics’ beloved Uncanny X-Men makes its long-overdue return. We at AiPT! are very eXcited to see what co-writers Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson and Matthew Rosenberg, along with a slew of talented artists, have in store for us. Such an eXtraordinary occasion calls for a celebration, and at AiPT!, that celebration will be Uncanny X-Month! That’s right, we’re not talking about a day or even a week–AiPT! is bringing you 30 days of original X-Men content!

From eXclusive interviews with past and present X-Men creators to maybe the most comprehensive analysis of X-Men biology EVER, no matter what day of the week you visit AiPT!, there’ll be something new for X-Fans to dig into.

But before AiPT! unleashes Uncanny X-Month on the world, it’s important to note we’re no rookies when it comes to X-coverage, bub. Below is a list of astonishing X-Men content you may have missed the first time around. For instance, did you know that when there was talk of an X-Men movie in the early ’90s, Chris Claremont’s pick to play Kitty Pryde on the big screen was none other than Diane Lane? Read all about it below, along with other amazing X-Men content and maybe, just maybe, you’ll survive Uncanny X-Month!AiPT!'s Uncanny X-Month Primer

Writer Interviews

Matthew RosenbergFAN EXPO Boston 2018: Writer Matthew Rosenberg talks Uncanny X-Men, Banshee’s return, Cyclops and more

Matthew RosenbergAn X-Man walks into a vegetarian restaurant: Writer Matthew Rosenberg & Boston’s Veggie Galaxy talk Astonishing X-Men’s uneXpected crossover

Fabian NiciezaRevisiting the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey with X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza

Ed PiskorCooler than Wolverine: An interview with ‘X-Men: Grand Design’ creator Ed Piskor

Sina GraceAn Interview with Sina Grace, Writer of ‘Iceman’

Cullen BunnCullen Bunn discusses… everything: An interview with the prolific X-Men: Blue writer

Chris ClaremontFastball Questions: Talking X-Men With Writer Chris Claremont

Jeff LemireRoboTalk: An Interview With Descender Creators Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

Artist Interviews

Chris BachaloArtist Chris Bachalo talks influences, monsters and X-Men at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

Ken LashleyCatching up with ‘X-Men Gold’ artist Ken Lashley at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

Ken Lashley[Interview] X-Men: Gold artist Ken Lashley explains the evolution of his style at Boston Comic Con

Arthur Adams[Interview] X-Men: Blue cover artist Arthur Adams talks strange commissions at Boston Comic Con

Film Interviews

Director Patrick Meaney discusses his documentary ‘Chris Claremont’s X-Men’

Interview With Stefan Kapicic, Deadpool’s Colossus

Convention Coverage

FAN EXPO Boston 2018: Cyclops or Wolverine – X-Men actress Famke Janssen (and her fans) choose

FAN EXPO Boston 2018: Writer/Artist John Byrne discusses X-Men: Elsewhen and how Chris Claremont changed ‘Days of Future Past’

Every X-Men detail reported at the SDCC 2018 panel

ComiCONN 2018: X-Factor writer Bob Layton on Cyclops’ controversial decision to leave his family for Jean Grey

AiPT! Science Articles

Reality Check:  After ‘Hunt for Wolverine:  Adamantium Agenda’ #4, is X-23 a clone or what?

The Critical Angle: Why is Beast so awful?

Magneto vs. Graviton. Who’d win in a fight? Neither.

Opinion Pieces

It’s time to end Fox’s X-Men series and let the ‘House of M’ start over

Why X-Men: Apocalypse Should be the Last Singer/Kinberg Mutant Movie

Do We Really Need a Gambit Movie?


AiPT! Podcast Episode 13: X-Men 101

AiPT! Podcast Episode 18: The X-Men Showdown: Cyclops vs. Wolverine



Check back November 1 when we officially kick off Uncanny X-Month!

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