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Everything we learned from the 'Halloween' 2018 deleted scenes


Everything we learned from the ‘Halloween’ 2018 deleted scenes

Get the scoop on every ‘Halloween’ deleted scene.

It’s never a bad time for a good horror movie even in January. Heck, maybe January is the best time since it’s cold, you don’t want to leave the house, and if a psycho killer breaks in what are you going to do? Thankfully Halloween has been released on Blu-ray and DVD this week to quench our horror movie thirst. If you’ve seen the film and loved it (and the $159 million gross suggests you probably did) you’re like me and want to dig into the special features. The Blu-ray includes 7 deleted scenes. Here’s everything we learn from the clips:

Deleted/Extended Scenes

Extended Shooting Range:

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Of all the deleted scenes this is going to have longtime Halloween fans most interested. In the scene, Laurie played by Jamie Lee Curtis is practicing her shooting on some creepy mannequins. After a few pinpoint shots, she slurps up some strawberry milk. Okay, nothing crazy there, but in the following scene she’s cleaning some guns and picks up a six-shooter. In this scene, she contemplates killing herself and even puts the muzzle under her chin to blow out her brains. One has to imagine this was cut to avoid turning the audience against the character.

Everything we learned from the 'Halloween' 2018 deleted scenes

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Shower Mask Visit
This scene fleshes out true-crime podcaster’s Dana (Rhian Rees) and Aaron Korey’s (Jefferson Hall) relationship. It’s a nice scene due to it giving Michael Myers’ mask a little more time to shine and it also delivers on a creepy shower scene. The scary nature is a bit of a fake out though and I could see it trying the patience of the audience.

Jog to a Hanging Dog
This scene showed up on the internet this week and reveals Allyson (Andi Matichak) comes across a very terrible thing on a morning run. It appears Michael Myers, or at least one of the escaped inmates, tied up and killed a dog. It’s a nice scene in that it foreshadows something terrible has entered the suburban neighborhood.

Everything we learned from the 'Halloween' 2018 deleted scenes

Allyson and Friends at School
This scene involves the main cast of kid characters and how they’re planning to either go to the big party or ditch it to get freaky at home. This scene would have added some context so that characters didn’t just show up unannounced, but a lot of the dynamics are explored in other scenes anyway.

Cameron and Cops Don’t Mix
This scene occurs after Cameron (Dylan Arnold) gets caught cheating on Allyson and kissing another girl. He’s super drunk, but in an odd turn they make up. Then cops show up and bust Cameron. It’s a throwaway scene, but interesting to see how the showrunners were trying to mend this relationship.

Deluxe Banh Mi Cops
This is an extended scene already in the film. It honestly seems like the actors are simply riffing on the old crotchety cop not caring about Bahn Mi and the younger cop giving him crap about it.

Sartain and Hawkins Ride Along
This is an odd scene indeed. Policeman Hawkins (Will Patton) is driving Dr. Sartain (Haluk Bilginer) around looking for Mike Meyers. In a bit of weirdness, or maybe an attempt at comedy, Dr. Sartain asks Hawkins if he ever wears ladies underwear. This might be an attempt to foreshadow Sartain is nuttier than a fruitcake, but it falls flat. Then, Sartain proceeds to pick his nose and Hawkins asks him to stop. It serves to show these two aren’t getting along but is unnecessary given how these two end up by the end of the night.

Overall it’s clear these scenes were all deleted for good reasons. Many of them seem unnecessary, have a bit of awkward acting, or accomplish the same things other scenes pulled off already.

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