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Dead Man Logan #3 Review

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Dead Man Logan #3 Review

A fight comic with key villainous moments.

The 12 part journey continues this week in Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson’s Dead Man Logan. In this third issue, Logan fights the Avengers, Mysterio needs to escape, and Miss Sinister grows impatient with her planning. It’s definitely an action-packed issue for Wolverine fans!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

With the real Wolverine back in the Marvel universe, it’s time to get rid of the old and that makes this series exciting. There’s no guarantee it’ll be the end of Logan, but with a title like “Dead Man Logan” how can they not? Plus, this series is using Mysterio as a major foil, a character who just so happens to be a hot ticket this year thanks to his appearance (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) in the trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Dead Man Logan #3 Review

For a little dude he sure can jump.
Credit: Marvel Comics

As far as fight comics is concerned this book has it all since Logan fights multiple Avengers. And not just any Avengers, but the new Avengers with Ghost Rider and She-Hulk. Ed Brisson is clearly having fun with this fight sequence giving Iron Man, Captain America, and others moments to fight Logan and rather quickly realize even Old Man Logan can beat their butts. They’re getting attacked because Mysterio is pulling the trick he did in Logan’s original universe and making him see enemies. The entire issue serves as a reminder that Logan can’t trust himself, which will assuredly put him in a funk since the one thing he wanted to stop is now happening again.

Another great element of this issue is Miss Sinister who comes off as a proud mastermind who can’t quite get the show on the road. There’s a great interchange between her and Sin about priorities. Its clear Sin is too in the moment to really mastermind this plan.

Henderson does a great job with art keeping the action intense and believable. Mysterio’s emotion is read loud and clear even with a fishbowl on his head. Now that’s good art in a comic book. It’s also fun to see X-Men vs. Avengers or at least have the characters reflect on that event. Brisson is clearly having fun referring to previous stories and Henderson makes it believable enough for Cap and company to be so over another battle like that.

It can’t be perfect, can it?

Aside from a few pages, this is mostly a pointless fight comic. Logan fights the Avengers who we know are in no danger (no way any of them die) and we also know he’s eventually going to be pulled out of the illusion. The references to Avengers vs. X-Men are cute, but overdone and aren’t very believable either. All in all, I’d say 4 pages of this book were good thanks to the emotional toll Mysterio is going through. The genius of the issue is that it’s becoming clear Mysterio may be the protagonist of the story, but much of this issue is throwaway at best.

Is it good?

Mysterio steals the show and may have just made himself a focal point of this series with some great character moments. Miss Sinister’s plans are falling apart, much like this action heavy issue.

Dead Man Logan #3 Review
Dead Man Logan #3
Is it good?
Mysterio steals the show and may have just made this series about him with great scenes with him. Miss Sinister’s plans are falling apart, much like this action-heavy issue.
The Mysterio and Miss Sinister scenes are great
Great art that keeps the action tense
Most of this action is pointless fighting for fightings sake
The references to Avengers vs. X-Men are a bit much and seem forced

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