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Another Sunday, another Crashing episode.


Crashing S3 E5: “Mom and Kat” recap and review

Another Sunday, another Crashing episode.

Another Sunday, another Crashing episode. Season three is cruising by! This week Pete and Kat stay with Pete’s parents for a couple days while Pete’s in Boston for a show. Things get interesting between Kat and Pete’s mom to say the least…

The episode begins with Pete and Kat driving to Boston. We discover Pete is on a newly booked Christian tour and they’re staying with his parents at Pete’s childhood home for this stop. They make a pitstop at Pete’s high school on the way in. They trade stories about the type of people they were in high school and then drive to Pete’s childhood home.

While they’re in the driveway, Kat sees that Ali texts Pete the picture of them two in New Jersey on the ferris wheel. Remember that Pete never told Kat about Ali being in NJ with him. Pete tries to explain himself and that he was going to tell her, that it was just work and he didn’t know Ali would be there, etc. Kat doesn’t care, she’s upset. Terrible timing to get out of the car and have to meet Pete’s parents!

They go inside, meet Pete’s parents, and then we cut to them sitting in the living room. It’s semi awkward. Pete’s mom, Rita, sits on Pete’s lap and his dad tells her to give Pete some space. She sits closely next to him instead. It’s definitely a bit strange.

Pete and Kat talk in bed later and she brings up his mom’s “lap sitting policy” with him to which Pete explains how his mom was like his best friend until he was 22. Kat tells him she understands it’s hard to break away when a parent is abusive. Pete says he knows she’s a lot but doesn’t think his mom is abusive. Kat disagrees and says it’s emotional incest. They drop the subject, and he sincerely apologizes about the Ali situation in New Jersey. Pete unfortunately can’t sleep in the same room as Kat (rules of the house) but he wishes her a goodnight and off to sleep they each go.

Another Sunday, another Crashing episode.

Pete, Kat, and his parents go to church service in the morning. His dad seems to be slightly senile/losing his hearing. Afterwards, Pete goes to get some coffee and leaves Kat with his mom. His mom says how she’s so happy that God is influencing Pete’s career and has him using his talents for the church. Kat says she thinks the tour is going to be good for Pete’s brand and tells Rita that Pete’s religious beliefs are a bit more “fluid” these days, like hers. She explains that she has a more spiritual approach to religion and it’s very apparent that Pete’s mom is very concerned.

Pete’s parents and he get lunch and go on a walk. Pete’s mom is holding his hand during the walk and telling him she can’t talk to his father like she talks to him. She wishes he would come home more often and is apparently only happy when he’s there. Yeah, this mother-son relationship is definitely a bit odd and overboard.

Pete’s mom gives her opinion on Kat. She doesn’t like her “new age” approach on religion and she doesn’t think she’s as sweet as Pete. But she agrees to try with her.

Pete shows up at the show he’s performing at, and he meets a fellow comedian on the tour named Fudge. Fudge has done shows in some amazing places and they strike up what seems like a new friendship. The show starts, and Pete’s mom seems bothered by Kat’s shirt when she takes off her jacket. We see a bit of each of the acts performing, and the show looks really fun! Pete does a fantastic job.

After the show, Pete sees his mom and Kat getting into what could be an argument. He goes up to them to find out that Pete’s mom is telling Kat to put on a bra. Pete starts to back up his girlfriend, and Pete’s mom says that his father was very uncomfortable by her not having a bra on. He obviously never said this, and she says she could feel that he was uncomfortable as well as every other man in the church. She’s grasping at straws here because she doesn’t like Kat. Pete explodes on her and tells her this isn’t ok at all. They’re leaving.

Another Sunday, another Crashing episode.

Later that night, Kat makes her way over to Pete’s bedroom. Things get hot and heavy and they end up having sex. Kat is loud as can be and it cuts to Pete’s mom laying in bed mortified. They wake up in the morning, Pete heads downstairs and grabs breakfast as you can tell his mom is thinking something. “She was faking it,” she tells Pete. “A mother knows.” Wow. She just doesn’t quit. Kat comes down and greets Rita warmly, kissing Pete in front of her. She starts eating eggs with her hands, not caring at all what his mom thinks of her. Rita takes a sip of coffee, shaken, and we cut to the credits.

This was a pretty interesting episode. We really learn a lot about Pete’s family dynamic, and we also get a lot of time with Kat. Learning about the new Christian tour he’s on and seeing parts of the show was great. The episode wasn’t necessarily the funniest episode by any means, but there are some hilarious moments sprinkled throughout. It’s definitely more of a development/drama driven episode. I liked it, but not as much as the last few episodes. Looking forward to seeing where things go next week and curious to see if we’ll see Pete’s parents again this season!

Crashing S3 E5: "Mom and Kat"
Is it good?
Learning about Pete's family dynamic, his strange relationship with his mother, and seeing the tension between Kat and his mom make this a very interesting episode. The laughs are less present than other episodes this season, but it's a necessary episode to develop the plot and characters and it's overall a solid one.
Develop Pete's relationship with his parents, specifically his mom
We get to see the tension between Pete's mom and Kat throughout the episode
Great character development this episode
Get to see this new religious tour Pete's on and it seems great
One of the less funny episodes this season
Only see Pete and Kat of the regular cast

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