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Ore Miko! – Episode 2 Review

Few recent boys’ love titles have stood out as much as Sakira’s Ore Miko! The first installment, published by Juné Manga, impressed me with its great artwork and bizarre but enjoyable mix of genres. Horror-erotica with touches of slasher action? Sign me up! Episode 2 came out recently, and it features Kyou and Shin reuniting after their eventful first meeting in the last episode. Kyou is thinking back on what happened while in class, just to turn his head and find Shin sitting right next to him. The plot moves forward from there, with everything you’d expect from both yaoi and a supernatural series. So, is this installment as good as the manga’s debut?

The writing in this series continues to be fun and well-thought-out. We learn a bit more about the manga’s supernatural elements, to include seeing new kinds of mystical creatures. While the last installment largely focused on a vampiric man, this time we meet less sentient threats. They look and function like overgrown bacteria or parasite species, attaching themselves to humans and feeding off of them. Other bits of worldbuilding, such as the nature of Shin’s exorcism powers, also get a little development. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that certain plot details are very…convenient, given the manga’s smutty nature. As long as you go in expecting the story to be over-the-top and ridiculous you’ll likely have fun. Ore Miko! isn’t an uber serious title, nor is it meant to be. This is also reflected in the episode’s humor, which effectively leans into just how improbable the various plot twists are.

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Sakira’s art also continues to look fantastic. As I previously noted this is a smutty series, and if you’re looking for attractive bara-style protagonists then you’ll find them here. Thankfully, it’s not just the men that look gorgeous. The aforementioned parasitic creatures have fun designs, and there’s some great shots of them weighing Kyou down as he tries to move around. They’re a bit reminiscent of the way Chris Bachalo drew magical creatures in his Doctor Strange run, which I dig. Sakira’s line-work through is nice and clean, with great shading and inking that convey scenes’ shifting tones successfully. The page compositions are also well-done, easy to follow, and pleasantly varied. There’s virtually nothing to dislike here in terms of the visuals.

There aren’t many cons to this episode at all. Your mileage may vary a bit on if the pacing is effective. There are some very swift cuts between scenes, and on the plus side this often enhances the humor. Plot-wise, however, this can result in scenes being over before we get much time to digest what’s happening. It’s also a bit disappointing that the episode ends with us knowing little more about Shin or Kyou than we did at the beginning. There’s some new information about Shin’s powers, but not much in terms of personal history or his relationship with Kyou.

All in all, Ore Miko! – Episode 2 is yet another enjoyably over-the-top installment for the series. We learn more about the manga’s supernatural characters and creatures, and the details are as humorous as they are ridiculous. Sakira’s art is also fantastic, both in terms of visual storytelling and delivering the sort of bara goodness the series’ covers and promos promise. Your mileage may vary on if the plot actually moves forward much, but it’s a fun ride regardless.

Is it good?
Yet another enjoyably over-the-top installment for the series. We learn more about the manga's supernatural characters and creatures, and the details are as humorous as they are ridiculous. Sakira's art is also fantastic.
Fantastic art
Cool new supernatural creatures
Great humor
Your mileage may vary as far as the pacing and plot progression go

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