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Avengers: Endgame

4 reveals from ‘Avengers: Endgame’ screenwriters’ appearance at the Emerson Colonial Theatre

Fans had questions, and the Avengers: Endgame screenwriters had answers.

On May 16, Boston-area fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were in for a treat as Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely made an appearance at the Emerson Colonial Theatre to talk all things MCU. As AiPT! is a Beantown-based site, you better believe we were in attendance to report on the night’s most interesting takeaways. Here’s what the screenwriters had to say:

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Image Credit: Emerson Colonial Theatre

There’s only one timeline

When talk turned to elderly Steve Rogers and where he’s been, Markus offered up his personal take.

“I am very fond of the idea that he went back because we say in the movie–the Ancient One says when you take out the stones, that’s when alternate timelines start. It’s not when you go back and step on a butterfly–it’s not Back to the Future. So Steve has gone back and put all the stones back. That means there’s only one timeline and then he goes and gets together with Peggy and just lives forward in that timeline, meaning, theoretically–if what I’m saying is true–that there were two Captan Americas–two Steve Rogers during that time. Only for the vast majority of that time, one of them was frozen in the ice. So there was now a Steve Rogers operating in a timeline where there wasn’t one. I realizes it raises difficult questions, like wouldn’t he have stopped the Kennedy assassination… I don’t have to write that. We just wanted to see Steve and Peggy dance.”

Image Credit: Marvel Studios Facebook Page

Bucky knew

When Bucky saw his old friend sitting on a bench, he seemed to be at peace with it all. That’s because Bucky knew about Steve’s plan, according to Markus.

“I think Steve and Bucky had a talk the night before Steve went back. They are old friends and Steve has helped Bucky get to this point of relative health in his life–got him to Wakanda, got him fixed. And I think this is Bucky’s way of helping do the same thing for Steve. I’m gonna miss you but you need this, you gave me my life back, I want you to help get one. I don’t think he necessarily knew that old Steve would show up on the bench, but I think he understood almost immediately when he saw him.”

Image Credit: Marvel Studios Facebook Page

The Red Skull reunion

So… what happened when Captain America had to return to Soul Stone to his old nemesis the Red Skull? Markus, again, weighed in.

“There are times where you might not like somebody but you gotta give ’em their stuff back. I think theres a spectacular one-act play to be written about Cap going back to give the Red Skull the stone. It may have taken awhile… I dunno. The weirder one is how do you put the Aether back in Natalie Portman? Also a great play.”

So… where’s Loki?

When a fan asked about Loki disappearing with the Tesseract, McFeely offered up a tease.

“We knew when we did that, it offered some possibilities to anyone who wanted possibilities.”

Image Credit: Marvel Studios Facebook Page


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