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Hail to the 'Veep.' Looking back on the best episode from each season


Hail to the ‘Veep.’ Looking back on the best episode from each season

The best episode from each season of the just ended ‘Veep’.

Game of Thrones may be getting all the fanfare, but there is another HBO show coming to an end this month. For seven seasons, Veep has won over critics and fans. It is one of the wittiest and best written shows in television history. I would love to do a list of the show’s best insults, but humor is all about context and I would not want to do a disservice to the show’s writers. (Also, there would be so many asterisks on the page, it would look like I was trying to capture a snowy day.) Instead, here is a list of the best episode from each season of Veep.

Spoilers for Veep ahead. 

Season One

Episode Five ‘Nicknames’: The humor was biting and interesting, but characters were still being established and the show was still trying to find its way. (This is the episode right before the much maligned pregnancy scare.) Selina had already been shown to be petty. Here we see the depths of it as she has her staff to see what sort of nicknames she is being called online. This is also the episode in which Jonah and Dan become best friends.

Season Two

Episode Five ‘Helsinki’: The second season begins to plant the seeds of dissension on Team Meyer. It is not that they do not like each other (though in many cases they do not), it is simply they each have their own agenda and will not let the others get in their way. This episode introduces one of the most entertaining characters on the show. Minna is one of the few pure and innocent characters on the show. She still can exchange barbs with the rest and Selina’s passive aggressive attitude towards her is great.  Dave Foley also guest stars in a great appearance.

Season Three

Episode Nine ‘Crate’: Veep is known for its scathing one liners and black humor. When the show takes a turn for the dramatic it can be just as effective. The third season ends with a two part finale that is filled with major moments. The penultimate episode of the season perfectly encapsulates Selina’s personality. The ensuring PR nightmare caused by the titular object is pure Selina. A shocking decision also sets up the next two seasons. The episode also highlights the special relationship between Gary and Selina.

Season Four

Episode Ten ‘Election Night’: The fourth season of Veep may be the best. After unexpectedly becoming President of the United States, Selina must win over the public while also campaigning to get elected. Team Meyer weather a number of problems throughout the entire season culminating in an election that Selina knows she cannot win. When it becomes clear the next best thing is within reach, the former Veep works hard to ensure it happens in a tense and hilarious episode.

Season Five

Episode Ten ‘Inauguration’: Season five is actually a continuation of the previous one. The season if funny and filled with the one liners and mishaps viewers would come to expect. Everything comes to a head in the season finale when viewers know that Selina is finally about to actually be voted into office. Selina’s legacy is brought into question in a big way.

Season Six

Episode Ten ‘Groundbreaking’: There seems to a trend here. The sixth season of the show is an incredibly hard watch. It is still as funny and engaging as all the others. What makes it so difficult to watch is Selina. First, the viewers have to deal with her stunning loss. More importantly, her obsession with the Presidency is examined and what viewers see is not pretty. The season finale shows how Team Meyer came to be and Selina makes another questionable choice that sets up the final season.

Season Seven

Episode Seven ‘Veep’: Shockingly, the show that finished each season strong knows how to end the entire series. The writing for the season is incredible as it deals with a season long arc while also tying together the entire show. The creative team somehow managed to give fans what they wanted while also telling the story they wanted to. It is a touching and heartbreaking episode that is the perfect send off.

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