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Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries

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Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries

The Marvel/Lucasfilm partnership has produced some serious gems, but which character should get the mini-series treatment next?

Ever since acquiring Lucasfilm in 2014, Disney and Marvel Comics have pushed out a TON of new Star Wars stories across all eras of the saga. While the main Star Wars title, ongoing Doctor Aphra series, and the various ongoing volumes of  Darth Vader are all excellent series in their own right, some of the best new Star Wars stories from Marvel Comics have come in the form of one-shots and mini-series.

From the Han Solo, Lando, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca mini-series immediately published after the Disney-Lucasfilm acquisition, to the more recent Imperial Cadet, Tie Fighter, and Thrawn mini-series, there has been no shortage of terrific, succinct Star Wars stories for fans new and old to dive into. Yet after our conversation with former Star Wars editor Heather Antos on the most recent episode of Star Wars in Poor Taste in which she hinted at a cancelled Jyn Erso solo mini-series, I started thinking — who else deserves their own five issue run of comics?

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While I anxiously, patiently await the painstaking 5 months, 8 days, 23 hours, and 29 minutes until The Mandalorian premieres, I figure why not take this time to run down the five characters who are most deserving of their own five-issue mini series?

Note: Since Heather Antos made it clear a Jyn Erso mini-series will not be happening, Jyn has been disqualified from this list. Had I not learned this, Jyn would’ve been at the top of the list. Also, go listen to the entire Heather Antos interview — you won’t regret it.

Wilhuff Tarkin

Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries
Image via Wookiepedia

Peter Cushing may have only appeared in one Star Wars film as the evil Grand Moff Tarkin, but his legacy on the galaxy far, far away is immeasurable. Outside of Cushing’s lone film appearance (and his digital rendering in Rogue One), Tarkin’s Republic military career is well documented in The Clone Wars and recent comics have touched on his upbringing and chilling experiences with Vader. Regardless, there’s still plenty to explore in Wilhuff’s career.

Most notably, a mini-series around the Grand Moff of the Outer Rim territories would make for the perfect opportunity to really dive into the Tarkin Initiative- the secret advanced weapon think tank that lead to the creation of the homicidal BT-1 astromech and both Death Stars. Each issue could be its own anthology style one-shot, much like the brand-new Galaxy’s Edge series, with Tarkin serving as the narrator to stories about his initiatives’s most dangerous and violent projects.

SCAR Squadron

Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries

Made up of seven of the Empire’s most elite Stormtroopers, S.C.A.R. Squadron is the Imperial equivalent of SEAL Team Six. Led by a lightsaber-wielding former undercover agent by the name of Sergeant Kreel, S.C.A.R. squadron has actually been pretty heavily featured in the main Star Wars title — they stormed Sunspot Prison, captured C-3PO in the Battle of Tureen VII, and have constantly hunted the Rebellion’s heroes since their first appearance in Star Wars #19.

Although S.C.A.R. Squadron has seen action in the comics for a few years now, there is still plenty to explore about the team’s formation in a mini-series. For starters, the series could explore how Sergeant Kreel went from an undercover agent of the Empire to one of the most vicious ground troops around while also giving the remaining S.C.A.R. trooper more fleshed out backgrounds. Just as the new Tie Fighter series explores the Imperial side of the Galactic Civil War from a fighter pilot perspective, a S.C.A.R. Squadron series could showcase the heinous atrocities performed by the Empire’s most elite soldiers.

Who am I kidding, I just want to see more bad-ass scenes of Kreel chopping down Rebel scum with his lightsaber.

Tobias Beckett

Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries
Image via Wookiepeedia

This is kind of cheating, since Beckett and his crew already got a special one-shot prior to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I’m itching for more stories about Han Solo’s quasi-mentor. Star Wars: Beckett #1 was a terrific proof-of-concept for a series starring the valachord-obssessed outlaw and his quirky crew, making a strong case for why a Beckett series is a great idea.

Anyone who has listened to Star Wars in Poor Taste knows my affinity for the smugglers, outlaws, and ne’er-do-wells of the Star Wars universe, and Beckett is no exception. Solo gave us the slightest taste of this smuggler’s history — just enough to keep Star Wars fans wanting more. A series focused on Beckett and his crew could go in so many directions: showcase how underground crime syndicates gained even more prominence following the fall of the Republic, tell the story of Crimson Dawn’s rise to power from a grunt perspective, or, and this would be so awesome, just show us the showdown between Beckett and the infamous Aurra Sing. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, it’s that simple: the Beckett mini-series should just be Beckett vs. Sing.

Sana Starros

Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries
Sana’s history with Dr. Aphra is… complicated.

Sort of Han Solo’s ex-wife but definitely a legendary smuggler, Sana Starros was initially introduced in Jason Aaron’s Star Wars #6 (technically #4, but she was in a mask) while she was hunting down her estranged husband. Since then, Sana has become one of the key players in the Star Wars ongoing series as well as Doctor Aphra. She is a classic smuggler/bounty hunter type, with no real allegiances except for whoever is lining her pockets- which is usually the Rebel Alliance.

Sana’s rich backstory — including her upbringing on Nar Shadda and faux marriage to Han Solo — make for great fodder for a mini-series to really explore her past while taking readers to the grittiest edges of the galaxy. I’d love to see how Sana got involved with Solo in the first place, her romantic history with one Chelli Aphra, and how she became such a feared and respected member of the criminal underworld. Plus, she’s got an awesome ship called the Volt Cobra, so more of that would be sweet.


Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Comic Miniseries

Solo: A Star Wars Story may have been the fantastic Han Solo origin story we never asked for, but it also proved to be an incredible introduction and origin for Han Solo’s first love: the fierce, Corellian beauty Qi’ra. Qi’ra had arguably the best and most engaging arc of the whole film, starting as a Corellian street rat and ending as the public figurehead to the fearsome Crimson Dawn, second only to Darth Maul. She’s a character who is shrouded in mystery and ambiguity, perfect to be explored further in her own series.

As much as it pains me to say, I don’t think we are going to see a continuation of Qi’ra’s story on the big screen and, barring the announcement of a Disney+ series, it seems like comics are the best bet for more Qi’ra. A mini-series could easily focus on Qi’ra’s adolescent journey from lowly White Worm to Crimson Dawn Lieutenant, but there is too much potential in a series about her life as Darth Maul’s second-in-command that this comic series is almost a necessity. If anything, it would be hard to contain a story about Qi’ra’s post-Solo journey to a five-issue mini-series, but at least it would give us the Solo sequel we deserve. Oh, and we’d get more Maul, which is always good.

Are there any characters you want to see shine in their own mini-series? Let us know in the comics! And do yourself a favor, subscribe to Star Wars in Poor Taste for a monthly wrap up of all things Star Wars.

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